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COD Mobile: Simon “Ghost” Riley returns as a legendary character in the new lucky draw

You can’t kill a Ghost!

The legend is back, and he cannot wait for revenge. The UAC took him for dead, but Ghost is back and eager for retribution. The legendary character Ghost — Retribution along with the first legendary Shorty weapon blueprint and other cosmetic items are now available in the new lucky draw in COD Mobile Season 5.

After a year of recovery and intensive training, Ghost is back following his deadly encounter with Templar. Accompanied by his loyal canine companion Riley, along with a host of backup and weapons courtesy of the UAC, he’s intent on teaching the deceitful Five Knights a lesson. Ghost’s themed items are all he needs to get his desired revenge in the latest season of Call Of Duty Mobile, In Deep Water.

Get the Sweet smell of Retribution in the Omnipotent Lucky Draw in COD Mobile

The newest Lucky Draw in the game features 10 brand-new themed items for the players. However, the highlight of this draw is Ghost himself in the Ghost — Retribution legendary operator skin. The black and white armor offers Ghost durability and mobility, and its stark look is sure to send tremors down your enemies’ spines.

COD Mobile Legendary Ghost
Simon “Ghost” Riley returns as a legendary operator skin

As a legendary character, Ghost – Retribution comes with a load of unique cosmetics in the game. This includes a new pre-match Battle Royale pose featuring Riley, an in-game kill counter, a custom Battle Royale loot box, a custom lobby screen, and the first-ever customization to a Battle Royale class. Get your hands on the Clown and see who arrives when using the Toy Bomb ability.

COD Mobile Legendary Ghost
The Omnipotent Lucky Draw in COD Mobile

Moreover, in this draw, you can also earn the legendary Shorty — Last Resort shotgun blueprint. Based on the new Shorty shotgun introduced in Season 5, this legendary variant is certain to prove that Ghost means business.

However, that’s not all he’s bringing in the game. Prepare for a classic arsenal as also available in the Omnipotent Lucky Draw are the Folding Knife – Comeback melee weapon blueprint, the M4 – Vengeance assault rifle blueprint, the Tank – Comeback vehicle skin, and the Put on a Show emote.

Have you unlocked the Legendary Ghost operator skin in COD Mobile yet?Drop your opinions about the new character in the comments section below. Also, feel free to ask any questions related to this. We’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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