Conjinone to work on mobile game development and expansion with K-Webtoon IPs

The company will participate in the mobile game development process with the use of k-webtoon IP!

Korean Minister Hwang Hee from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Director of Conjinone, Hyeon-Rae Cho, have jointly started working on successful cases of mobile k-games to focus on development and overseas expansion to bring balance and increase competition between small and medium-sized game development companies in the region. This project will happen with Global Webtoon Games, a company developed by Conjinone, Google Play, and Naver Webtoon to produce games using webtoon IP and expand overseas. 

Conjinone project with Global Webtoon Games for Mobile Game Development

In this project, Conjinone will take charge of the payment and the operation of game production subsidies for Global Webtoon Games, which has around 11 regional game centers across the country. This financial support will be given to Global Webtoon Games until 2023 so that the team can devote its time and effort to developing a game that meets the expectation of the collaboration. Conjinone expects Global Webtoon to see that all development builds of the game are completed by the end of November this year and then present a commercially usable version of the game by October 2023

To Participate in the project, companies must have experience in game development or be capable of developing individual or corporate entrepreneurs located outside of Seoul. Suppose a company located in Seoul intends to apply for the program. In that case, it should be ready to shift its headquarters to a regional location or form a consortium led by a local company.

Conjinone k-webtoon IP Conjinone mobile game development
Image via Global Webtoon Games

After the applications are in, the five best companies will be selected for the program. These companies will be chosen on the basis of the task understanding and the originality of planning, focusing on understanding the original and evaluating whether it is implemented correctly in the game.

In particular, unlike existing support projects, subsidies will be differentially paid according to the selection and evaluation ranking so that superior game contents can be developed through competition, and up to 600 million won will be paid to the companies. 1st to 3rd place can receive up to 300 million won per company, and 4th to 5th place can receive up to 100 million won. Additional support can be received until 2023, according to the evaluation rankings for renegotiation at the end of this year.

With this program, Conjinone, Google Play, and Naver Webtoon aim to increase collaboration between public institutions and platform-content companies to start new experiments on IP utilization and focus on shared growth. The program also intends to provide free webtoon IP licenses with high recognition abroad. This will support domestic and overseas marketing leading to the game’s success. Google Play will also help put the game in the market and take care of consulting and local customized promotions.

President of Conjinwon, Hyeon-Rae Cho, said, “It is a meaningful project where Conjinone, Google Play, and Naver Webtoon are working together to discover the potential and success cases of content IP that crosses genres through an attempt to recreate the popular K-webtoon into a game.”, emphasized, “More than anything else, in this project, as a public institution, Conjin One focused on shared growth by adding the perspective of public nature such as nurturing small and medium-sized game companies and balanced regional development.” Users can view more information about applying for the program by visiting the official KOCCA website or following the official social media handles.

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