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Cookie Run Kingdom May 2022 Update brings two new cookies, Cookie Odyssey, new Arena Tiers, and more

New items in the game to be introduced!

The new Cookie Run: Kingdom May 2022 Update is out now, and players will find lots of major changes in the game such as two new cookies, which comprises an Epic Cookie and a Super Epic Cookie, which is a brand-new rarity in the game. Along with it, there is another Story Mode chapter and the Grandmaster Tier in Arena mode. This outclasses Master, which was previously the highest rank in the game.

New Cookie: Wildberry Cookie (Epic)

Wildberry Cookie is the newest Epic cookie. He is a strong character that swears loyalty to the Hollyberry Kingdom. He is in a Defense class and is positioned on the front part of the team. What is interesting about this cookie is his skill cooldown, which is 10 seconds. It is a lot shorter than the majority of cookies in the game and allows him to apply his skill more frequently. His skill consists of creating a Knockback effect to enemies, a stun, and an extra 15% DMG Resist boost to his allies. He also applies great damage as a tank!

Cookie Run Kingdom May 2022 Update wildberry cookie
Image via Devsisters

The best way of obtaining him is from his own featured banner, which lasts for 41 days. There’s a 1.44% chance of getting him from his banner and an 8.2% chance of getting his soulstones. Players try to get him at least once, and if players have a lot of saved-up crystals, then. Players can go ahead and try for multiple copies. Having a lot of copies would allow players to promote him, and having him promoted higher gives them more rewards for his promotion event.

New Cookie: Clotted Cream Cookie (Super Epic)

Clotted Cream Cookie is the second cookie in this update, and what makes him special is that he is the first Super Epic cookie in the game. He is from the Creme Republic and is the youngest of the consuls. This cookie is a Magic class and is positioned on the middle part of the team.

Clotted Cream Cookie's Skill
Image via Devsisters

He has an interesting skill that consists of him creating a Light Cage, which deals a set amount of damage, as well as additional damage, that is relative to the cookie enemy’s HP. This makes the damage similar to Caramel Arrow Cookie and Sorbet Shark Cookie, and from the skill description, it seems that he is going to be a great cookie to use in Arena. He also applies periodic damage that lasts for 22 ticks and stuns his enemies.

While he can be received from normal gacha, where he has a slightly lower drop-rate than an Epic cookie, the more reliable way to get him at the moment is from the Consul’s Brilliance Event. It lasts for a total of 41 days, so if players do the best in the event missions. One should be able to pull multiple copies of him. Drawing in the Consul’s Brilliance Gacha provides players with a 0.421% chance of getting Clotted cream Cookie, and a 1.442% chance of getting one of his soulstones. Even if, players do not get lucky in his gacha, they can still receive him via the pity system, which provides them with the cookie after 189 draws.

Story Mode: Cookie Odyssey

This new Story Mode features one “main” story, as well as other story events, that bring focus to various cookies. The story will have a total of three chapters, but for now, only the first chapter is released. Chapter 1 is an introduction to the story and consists of the heroes of the Vanilla Kingdom, discussing ways to protect their land.

Cookie Run Kingdom May 2022 Update story mode
Image via Devsisters

Players must note that they will have to clear Stage 12-30 (Story Mode) to access Cookie Odyssey. Players who have not beaten this level yet, then they can check out this guide. One must make sure to complete the Cookie Odyssey Missions. Since they give out “Odyssey Quills” and are needed to advance in the story.

Changes to Arena: Grandmaster Tier and New Team Slots

It is time to be more competitive in the Arena. A new tier has been introduced to the game. Grandmaster has three levels, ranging from Grandmaster 3 to Grandmaster 1. While getting to Master requires 2,000 trophies, Grandmaster requires 3,000 trophies. In addition to the trophy requirement, players also have to be one of the top 0.5% players‘ of Arena. This is a lot higher than Master 1, which only requires one to be at the top 1%.

Cookie Run Kingdom May 2022 Update grandmaster changes
Image via Devsisters

Those in Grandmaster will have numerous perks, like access to the new Arena Lobby, special loading screens and battle backgrounds. They will also have better rewards! Those in Grandmaster 3 and up will receive at least 25,000 crystals and 1,000 cubes at the end of the season. The reward gets higher as one reaches better ranks.

Making multiple offense teams in Arena is a lot easier from now on since there are 5 team slots now instead of 3. Since there are numerous meta teams in Arena at the moment, it’s good to save different counters to specific teams and rise up in Arena quickly! Additionally, your “defence” team can now load one of your saved teams from other game modes. Another added feature is that ranks Chocolate 2 to Diamond 3 now give an increased amount of trophies, making it easier to climb up the ranks.

Other new features

  • A new decoration theme is available, called First Steps Towards Peace. Unlike the Spring Blossom Picnic decor set, this set will be in the game permanently and can be bought using coins.
  • Thai, Taiwanese, French, and German voice-overs are now available in the game!
  • Players now receive a title for doing various activities in the game. Many types of titles are available, and more information on the different kinds can be seen in the Titles button. Other players can see the title when they find it in the Arena or Guild.
  • There are new changes to the Kingdom Info, and players can now see the current progress, overall in Adventure Mode, as well as more details about the Kingdom.

What is your opinion on the Cookie Run Kingdom May 2022 Update? Let us know in the comments below.

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