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Cookie Run: Kingdom teased new features at Devsisters June 2022 live stream

Exciting new features are on the way!

There are many exciting new upcoming features arriving on Cookie Run: Kingdom, which was teased in Devsisters June 10 2022 live stream. The stream talked about various game modes and systems that are going to be added in the future. If you’re overwhelmed with all the new information in the stream, here’s a helpful summary for you

Here are the new features arriving in Cookie Run: Kingdom:

1. Decoration Improvements

In addition to the Kingdom Decoration Presets (which lets you easily save your favorite designs), there are cool new features that will be added in the future. For example, the Fountain of Abundance and the walls that surround the castle will now change depending on your Castle theme (which ranges from Pure Vanilla Castle, Hollyberry Castle, and Dark Cacao Castle) so it matches the color and design of the castle.

Another improvement is that Landmarks will no longer have to be placed in the Kingdom for them to provide their effect; you can just place them in your storage and still enjoy the buffs to your kingdom and cookies.

2. Better Production Management

While Cookie Run Kingdom has added features like the collect all goods option and easy one-tap production, there are going to be new options in the future that help you produce without going to buildings individually. There will also be a way of trading your current materials since right now a lot of players have inconveniences where they’d have too much of a material (for example, Jellyberries) and too little of another (like Milk and Flour).

Easier Production Delivery
Image via Devsisters

More production buildings are also planned for the future, and one of the highlights is the new Magic Laboratory, where you can craft goods you need to progress in the game. It seems to work like the laboratory in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, a similar game created by Devsisters.

3. Guild Battle is finally getting a full release

While Guild Battle has been in beta for a year, the stream announced that it’s going to be released from beta soon, and will include several additions like new game modes, new guild bosses, and better ways to decorate the Guild Domain. There’s also going to be a ranking system on Guild Battle similar to Super Mayhem and Arena, where guilds can reach all the way up to a Grandmaster 1 tier.

Easier Guild System Cookie Run Kingdom
Image via Devsisters

The teaser for the new guild bosses shows brand new monsters to beat, and it seems that there will be different teams to use when battling them too. While the current guild boss (Red Velvet Dragon) is usually countered by a comp that includes characters like Dark Choco Cookie, Eclair Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Almond Cookie, and Vampire Cookie, players might have to figure out different strategies and characters for the new bosses.

Another thing to look forward to is the addition of game modes, like Guild Dungeons and Guild Wars. The former seems to be a way for the whole guild to collect resources together, while the latter is a more action-oriented mode that involves attacking other bases and protecting your own base.

4. Improvements to PVP Modes

Cookie Run Kingdom upcoming features
Image via Devsisters

Many things have been added to help improve Arena gameplay, such as more team slots, and better topping filters. However, the most interesting highlight is the new PVP game mode. This new model is more beginner-friendly than Arena since it will focus on strategy instead of your overall Kingdom progress.

5. Added Benefits for New and Returning Players

Cookie Run Kingdom Benefits for new users
Image via Devsisters

Since there are a lot of things being added, new users might be overwhelmed with all the modes and features in the game. Helpful missions with rewards are going to be added, so it can help new players get to know the game better, as well as older players who took a break from the game. This also makes the game more accessible to your friends. More ways to get currencies and resources will also be available in the future.

6. New ways to Upgrade and Progress

More ways to level up and progress in Cookie Run: Kingdom will be added, and buffs to weaker cookies will be implemented so that newer players will be able to progress more easily instead of having to rely on hard-to-get characters. The game will also introduce an Affection stat for your cookies, where you can bond with your favorite cookies and help increase their stats.

7. More in-game content

Various changes will be made to Story Mode, Tower of Sweet Chaos, Tropical Soda Islands, and Bounty Missions. Story Mode will have different types of difficulties, and better rewards for completion. Tower of Sweet Chaos will now have 200 trays instead of 150, which is great news for those who need to grind more Cake Pieces and XP Jelly.

more in-game content
Image via Devsisters

Tropical Soda Islands will have a different mode, and Bounty Missions will go beyond Level 10, making Skill Powders easier to obtain. Another interesting thing to look forward to is the more interactive game feature, where you can control your cookie’s movements and let them jump or charge forward at enemies.

Sneak Peek at the next update in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The stream also announced the next cookie, which is called Oyster Cookie. She is one of the consuls in the Créme Republic and will be coming on the June 14 update. She’s a Support Class and summons Oyster Soldiers that help protect your team from enemies. She boosts crit chance for the whole team as well, making her a helpful addition to your team especially if you use cookies like Cream Puff Cookie and Twizzle Gummy Cookie, which greatly benefit from having an added crit chance.

Cookie Run Kingdom upcoming features
Image via Devsisters

The second chapter of Cookie Odyssey is coming as well and will include in-game battles and additional stories you can unlock by using Odyssey Quills. Be sure to save up your Rainbow Cubes in time for the update, since seven new costumes are also going to be added! Madeleine Cookie, Espresso Cookie, and Red Velvet Cookie will all get Epic costumes, while Werewolf Cookie and Blackberry Cookie get new Rare costumes. Beet Cookie is getting a brand new Common costume as well.

What are your thoughts about upcoming new features in Cookie Run: Kingdom teased from the Devsisters June 2022 live stream? Let us know in the comments section below!

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