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Cookie Run: Kingdom teased a number of upcoming features at Dev Now 2022

Exciting new features are on the way!

Many exciting new features await Cookie Run: Kingdom, and a lot of them were teased in Devsister’s April 14, 2022, Dev Now 2022 live stream, which also talked about updates for various games in the Cookie Run: Kingdom franchise. In terms of decoration, the game will get a makeover. Users were also informed about the next chapter, in which they will embark on a new adventure to meet powerful cookies from all over the continent.

New Chapter: A Look Into The Créme Republic

Players will be excited to know that a new episode is going to be released in the game. While the previous stories had introduced the Ancient cookies, this new episode serves as the beginning of the Second Act of the game. Players will be able to visit the magical Créme Republic, which is known to be the land that Madeleine Cookie and Espresso Cookie are originally from. We might get some interesting backstories for these cookies too.

Madeleine Cookie and Espresso Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Créme Republic has nine elders, and the players will be able to meet them all in the story. It’s still unknown if some of them are going to be playable characters in the future. These nine cookies were teased in the live stream, but only their silhouettes were shown.

Upcoming new features in Cookie Run: Kingdom revealed at Dev Now 2022

The Devsisters’ live stream also briefly talked about new changes in the game. Not all of these are coming in the next update, but they are confirmed to be arriving in the future, so stay tuned.

  • Kingdom Arena Improvements
  • Guild Battle: Full Release from Beta
  • Decor Storage Improvements
  • Kingdom Decoration Presets
  • Care System For New & Returning Players
  • New Upgrade System
  • Balance Changes for Produced Materials
  • Additional Sources of Currencies and Goods
  • Easier Management of Toppings
  • Expanded Use For Cookies In Various Content
  • Mini-Game Events
  • Buffs For Landmarks To Remain While In Storage
  • New PVP Modes
  • New Achievements and Enhanced Fame System
  • Diversified Battle Difficulty
  • New Kingdom Facility: Mine
  • Easier Production Facility Management

Finally, don’t forget to claim the new code from the live stream, which celebrates the game reaching 40 million kingdoms: DEVNOW40MKINGDOM. This code provides 5000 crystals, 1500 rainbow cubes, as well as coins, rarities, time jumpers, and topping pieces.

What are your thoughts about upcoming new features in Cookie Run: Kingdom? Let us know in the comments section below!

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