Dead by Daylight Mobile gets a game-changing March 2023 update featuring fresh in-game content

The Next Era of Horror awaits players!

The massive new March 2023 update for Dead by Daylight Mobile was published today, March 15, by Behaviour Interactive and NetEase Games. More than one million users had pre-registered for Dead by Daylight Mobile’s new update. This update adds graphical improvements, new features, and new content as players eagerly anticipate their opportunity to explore The Fog.

The Sadako Rising Collaboration event, which will run from March 15 to March 28 and introduces the monstrous spirit from the Ringu series to the game, is also launching with the update.

Dead by Daylight Mobile introduces the Relic System to the game

The mysterious items in Dead by Daylight Mobile are added by the Relic system, which is only available on mobile devices. These include objects like the “Knot of Binding” and the “Handy Axe,” which have the power to change the course of a game and present fresh ideas that require players to adjust their strategies on the fly.

Relic System
Image via NetEase

Naturally, using these tools will pay off because gathering Relic Shards and improving the Relics will open gorgeous cosmetics. Players can show them off in the in-game lobby and player profiles.

Dead by Daylight Mobile x Sadako Rising brings new characters from the Ringu series

With a special crossover event from March 15 to March 28 starring Sadako, the vengeful ghost from the Ringu book and film series, Dead by Daylight Mobile is starting its relaunch with a bang.

Sadako Rising xDBD
Image via NetEase

Sadako is a ghost who can stalk her prey through television screens and kill anyone who views a cursed VHS tape. Sadako is a cunning Killer who stalks the Survivors in Dead by Daylight Mobile. She can also teleport through TVs that show up on the map. This gives her the advantage over any Survivors who try to cross her line of influence so she can kill them with her supernatural powers.

Sadako isn’t the only character of the Ringu family to join Dead by Daylight Mobile. Yoichi Asakawa will also be a new Survivor. Yoichi was a young child in Ringu, but in Dead by Daylight Mobile, he is an adult investigator with the power to stun killers, support hurt friends, and speed up their movement so they can flee from their pursuers.

Dead by Daylight Mobile March 2023 update
Image via NetEase

Players have the chance to acquire limited-time crossover Outfits, the Sleeping Blossom for Sadako, and the Paranormal Investigator for Yoichi Asakawa, during the Sadako Rising collaboration period. Sleeping Blossom is exceptionally special, as its Platinum version offers Sadako an exclusive Memento Mori animation. This allows her to dispatch the Survivors in a new manner.

Dead by Daylight Mobile brings limited-time events with the March 2023 update

Players will have many reasons to come back to Dead by Daylight Mobile. Numerous limited-time events are being prepped for launch in the game. Players can unlock exclusive rewards like the [Portrait] The Onry and the Portrait Frame: The Onry as they finish tasks and beat the game’s challenges.

Dead by Daylight Mobile March 2023 update
Image via NetEase

Players can also begin earning in-game items right away by inviting friends to take part in the Cursed Tape event. This event will award a Sadako Crossover Torso that each player can use during their adventure through The Fog.

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