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Diablo Immortal February 2023 update brings new Fishing feature and more

Grab a Rod, players!

Diablo Immortal will give players the opportunity to perform some traditional Fishing in Sanctuary’s blood-stained waters in its February 2023 content update. On February 22 of this week, after about four hours of server maintenance, Blizzard will add fishing as a new activity to the actionRPG. Players will also receive several freebies as well as 36 new legendary items in the latest content update.

Fishing, a brand-new pastime that will be accessible to players starting at Level 43, is the main feature of this release. When that happens, they’ll be able to go to Bilefen and begin The Greatest Pastime Quest, which provides them with a fishing rod and sets them on the road to becoming an angler of Sanctuary legend.

Diablo Immortal February 2023 Update: Fishing feature will be available for players

Only three locations in Sanctuary—Ashwold Cemetery, Bilefen, and the Frozen Tundra—will allow fishing for players in the Diablo Immortal February 2023 content update. Due to the fish emblem hovering over them in the Zone map and the fact that they are safe zones, these locations are simple to identify. This implies that Sanctuary’s monsters won’t wander into these fishing locations and trouble you.

Diablo Immortal February 2023 Update
Diablo Immortal February 2023 Update brings the new Fishing feature in the game (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Players must buy bait from a fisher and then click the Rod symbol in order to start fishing. After making the decision to go fishing, relax and watch the fishing timer fill up. Your chances of reeling in a rare animal increase as it rises, but if you let it rise too high, fish can also vanish. The Fisher offers a variety of gifts, including random-rarity items and decorative fishing rods, in exchange for varied rarities of fish. Anyone who wishes to capture every species of fish in the Sanctuary will be eligible for Angler’s Log awards.

Pick your Spot and Cast a Line while Fishing in Diablo Immortal February 2023 update

It’s time to catch some fish once you have your pole, some bait, and a preferred watering area in mind. You can select precisely where to cast your line within the Fishing area by touching or clicking on the Rod icon next to your skill buttons. When the button is released, a timer with fish icons in the colors of white, blue, and gold will show up at the top of your screen.

Fish may occasionally nibble on your bobber as it floats in the water, and you’ll notice that the timer slowly starts to fill up as it passes by each of the three aforementioned fish images. It is entirely up to you when you pull in a catch, but the longer you leave your bobber stay in the water, the better your chances are of snagging a more exotic kind of fish. Make sure not to take too long deciding when to reel in because the fish will become restless and disappear if the timer runs out. All fish that are caught are immediately added to your inventory.

Once you’ve caught a good number of fish, return to the closest Fisher to trade your catch for rewards. Fish fall into one of five categories: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Mythic. Each category is indicated by a different coloration of the fish in your inventory. The bigger the prizes you can exchange your catch for, such as random rarity items and new aesthetics for your fishing pole, the rarer the fish.

Fill out the Angler’s Log

The waters of Sanctuary are home to 40 distinct species of fish. There is only one habitat where each species can be caught. Visit every fishing location to see what bounty you can lift out of the sea.

Each fish species has an entry in the Bestiary Angler’s Log that includes information on the species’ favorite habitat, the number of individuals you’ve captured, your highest personal catch weight, and the highest catch weight on your server. Dedicated adventurers can also earn Angler’s Log awards by catching significant numbers of rare fish species.

Other Feature Updates in Diablo Immortal February 2023 update

36 New Legendary Items


Diablo Immortal Barbarian Class Guide Cover
Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Breaker’s Wheel (Off-Hand): Hammer of the Ancients now creates a barrier of earth that prevents enemies from entering or exiting the area it strikes.
  • Dauntless Temper (Pants): Ground Stomp now calls on the power of an Ancient to appear and periodically stomp the ground around you.
  • Yowl of Execration (Head): Demoralizing Roar now unleashes a primal roar that knocks back and damages enemies. Enemies knocked back into walls are also Stunned for 3 seconds.
  • Riddlerue (Main Hand): When Frenzy deals a Critical Hit, your Primary Attack Speed is increased by 50% for 2 seconds.
  • Routfinder (Shoulders): Sprint leaves a wind tunnel in your wake, allowing allies to pass through it to gain 30% increased Movement Speed for 2 seconds.
  • Widow in Waiting (Chest): Furious Charge now also reduces enemy Movement Speed by 40% for 4 seconds.


Diablo Immortal Crusader Class Character Guide Cover
Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Desecration’s Reprisal (Off-Hand): Consecration deals 30% increased damage to enemies suffering total loss of control.
  • Hale Pilgrim (Chest): Draw and Quarter now also grants you immunity to knockback effects for 3 seconds.
  • Impassible Sanctum (Pants): Shield Charge now raises a holy barricade before you instead of causing you to charge forward. This barricade moves with you blocks enemy projectiles and decreases all damage taken from the front by 50%.
  • The Recreant (Shoulder): Sacred Chain now attaches to a single enemy, allowing you to render judgment on their soul. Once condemned, the chains will explode, dealing damage to and Stunning all nearby enemies for 4 seconds.
  • The Unordained (Main Hand): Falling Sword now swings a giant sword into the ground, knocking enemies away and Stunning them for 3 seconds.
  • Zealflair (Head): Sweep Attack damage increased by 10%.

Demon Hunter

diablo-immortal-demon-hunter-class guide cover, Diablo Immortal February 2023 Update Fishing
Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Vatro’s Valediction (Head): Escape now also drops a trap that explodes after a short delay, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Hangman’s Gambit (Shoulders): Daring Swing now immobilizes any enemies it hits, preventing them from moving or attacking until they take damage again.
  • Hate Sheath (Chest): Vengeance now fully consumes you, increasing your Primary Attack Speed by 40% for 4 seconds, but you can no longer specifically target enemies.
  • The Excavator (Main Hand): Impale now causes your Primary Attack to also hurl penetrating knives that deal damage to all enemies they pass through.
  • Steel Orchestra (Off-Hand): Being near a Sentry increases your Primary Attack Speed by 10%.
  • Scornbeak (Pants): Daring Swing now also increases your Primary Attack Speed by 30% for 4 seconds.


Diablo Immortal Monk Class Guide, Diablo Immortal February 2023 Update Fishing
Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Chimes at Midnight (Chest): Inner Sanctuary now also grants immunity to knockbacks to allies within the area.
  • Column of Shivers (Off-Hand): Wave Strike now causes your Primary Attacks to unleash an explosion, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Feline Defiance (Shoulders): Mystic Strike now also increases your Primary Attack Speed by 30% for 4 seconds.
  • Last Leveler (Head): Dealing damage to enemies afflicted by Exploding Palm can increase its remaining duration by 0.5 seconds, up to a maximum of 4 seconds.
  • Salvation’s Sting (Legs): Flying Kick now unleashes a strong kick to a single enemy that knocks them back a large distance. The kicked enemy inflicts a short knockback and deals damage to any other enemies it comes into contact with.
  • Tenebrous Grasp (Main Hand): Seven-Sided Strike now causes your Primary Attacks to conjure a spirit ally to unleash a powerful strike on your target, damaging any enemies within its path.


Diablo Immortal Necromancer class, Diablo Immortal February 2023 Update Fishing
Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Crest of Rheum (Head): Command Golem now also sacrifices 10% of your current Life to increase your golem’s damage by 15%.
  • Dead Keen (Off-Hand): Command Golem now also deals 10% additional damage to enemies for each harmful effect they suffer from, up to a maximum of 40%.
  • Natural Petrification (Shoulders): Bone Spikes now also reduce the Movement Speed of any enemies it hits by 40% for 4 seconds.
  • Pleasant Venom (Main Hand): Command Golem now summons a poison golem that can leap to a target location to unleash a blastwave of corrosive acid, damaging nearby enemies and causing them to take additional damage.
  • Wondrous Underworld (Chest): Wraith Form now also conjures two wraiths in random directions.
  • Wraithstitch Trews (Pants): Grim Scythe now also Chills enemies to the bone, reducing their Attack and Movement Speed by 30% for 3 seconds.


Diablo Immortal Wizard Class Guide Cover, Diablo Immortal February 2023 Update Fishing
Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Greaves of the Firmament (Pants): Disintegrate deals additional damage every 3 hits.
  • Coat of the Astrum (Chest): Lightning Nova now unleashes a single, uncontrollable arc that jumps chaotically between enemies, dealing damage to any enemies it touches.
  • Spars of Energy (Shoulders): Generate a charge of Teleport when you defeat an enemy. Cannot occur more often than once every 30 seconds.
  • Silver Lining (Head): Black Hole now devours the power of enemies caught within it, increasing the damage you deal by 2%, up to a maximum of 10%, for 2 seconds.
  • Stickle Burr (Off-Hand): When Magic Missile deals with a Critical Hit, it explodes and deals additional damage to nearby enemies.
  • Thistle Bloom (Main Hand): Arcane Wind now conjures a storm that grows over time, pulling in and damaging nearby enemies.

Rune System Redesign

Blizzard is simplifying how Runes function by streamlining the overall experience and providing more uses for your Runes. The Runes received from Rare and Legendary Crests are also increasing to support this reorganization. Crests will no longer drop Ati Runes or a large variety of Common and Magic Runes. Instead, Rare Crests will now drop 4 Ast Runes and Legendary Crests will drop 1 Ast Rune.

Ast Runes can be used to craft Bound Legendary Gems at Seril the Apprentice Jeweler, just as it is currently done, but now, we’ve also removed the Fading Ember cost associated with crafting these Bound Legendary Gems.

Fading Embers can now be used directly at Seril to craft random Unbound Legendary Gems. These gems can be sold in Wynton’s Grand Market or used to purchase Ast Runes. Apprentice Jewelers will now be the one-stop shop for all your Legendary Gem needs. There is no longer a need to convert Runes to craft Legendary Gems. The costs for crafting both Bound and Unbound Legendary gems have changed to the following:

  • 20 Ast Runes for a Bound 1-Star Legendary Gem of your choice
  • 80 Ast Runes for a Bound 2-Star Legendary Gem of your choice
  • 5 Fading Embers for 1 Ast Rune
  • 100 Fading Embers for a random Unbound 1-Star Legendary Gem
  • 320 Fading Embers for an Eternal Legendary Crest
  • 320 Fading Embers for a random Unbound 1 to 5-Star Legendary Gem
  • 400 Fading Embers for a random Unbound 2-Star Legendary Gem

To smooth out the transition and reward the time investment of players, Seril will also have several new conversion functions that are intended to convert your old currencies into new ones at the following rates:

  • 8 Common Runes for 1 Ast Rune
  • 2 Magic Runes for 1 Ast Rune
  • 1 Ati Rune for 3 Ast Runes
  • 1 Fa Rune for 18 Fading Embers

New Normal Gem Attribute

Refinement is a new characteristic that Normal Gems now have that raises the base attribute of the equipment slot they are socketed into. The gain from refinement scales at a constant percentage as your normal gem’s rank rises, up to a maximum of Rank 10, and is based on the rank of the normal gem. Regular Gems of all colors give the same boost depending on their level.

Normal Gem Drop Update

The Hidden Lair spawn rate will now dynamically scale with the server population. On most servers, this should result in the same amount or more Hidden Lairs opening in a day. You can now collect up to 9 Bound Normal Gems from Bonus Objectives and 9 Unbound Normal Gems from Hidden Lair Guardians.

The chances of finding gems will decrease with each subsequent Hidden Lair run, with the first 2 Hidden Lairs being the most efficient. The rewards section of the Hidden Lair entrance menu has been updated to indicate how to collect Bound and Unbound Normal Gems from within the Hidden Lair. The rewards will grey out once you have reached your Normal Gem allotment each day, so you can easily track if gem rewards are available before entering a Hidden Lair.

We’ve also made improvements to help you locate Hidden Lairs after they have spawned—when you start getting close to an open Hidden Lair, you will receive additional prompts and mini-map indicators to guide you in the right direction.

Essence Transfer and Extraction Improvements

An Essence Transfer vendor will now be present in every Safe Zone. The merchant’s menu also offers the option to remove several legendary items at once. To achieve this, tap or click the Multi-Extract button in the menu’s upper-right corner. You can choose which particular objects you wish to extract or all of them at once from a new menu that will display.

Hungering Moon Limited-time event will be available as a part of this update

The moonlit route you’ll follow to heed your lunar overlord’s heightened cries for food is prepared for travel. On March 2 at 3 a.m. server time through March 6 at 2:59 a.m. server time, players may accomplish up to three assignments per day. You can acquire Astrolabe Power by performing missions.

Diablo Immortal Hungering Moon, Diablo Immortal February 2023 Update Fishing
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With this power, you can summon the Astrolabe to grant you a Blessing of Magic or a Blessing of Strength, each of which has special advantages. Get Moonslivers by using the blessings, and you can trade them in for gifts that have a lunar flavor. Visit here for more information on the Hungering Moon event’s mechanics.

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