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Diablo Immortal Season 4 Update: New battle pass, new raid boss, events, and more

Find Your Inner Light With The Season Four Battle Pass!

In the latest Diablo Immortal Season 4 update, new adventures are awaiting players. Beginning on September 21, complete the Mists of Cyrangar event’s tasks to reveal a hint related to our future Major Update. Then engage in combat with Gishtur and Beledwe, who run the Hellforge for the Great Evils and are the proprietors of the Fellsteel Foundry, the new Helliquary Raid Boss. Check out Hungering Moon’s return on September 9 as well as The Scorched Sea, which debuts on September 14th. A brand-new set of rewards and the Empowered Battle Pass cosmetic are also available as part of the launch of Battle Pass Season 4: Inner Light.

In this article, we will discuss the details of all the new content coming with the Season 4 update in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Season 4 Battle Pass: Inner Light

Season Four will start on September 1 at 3:00 a.m. server time thanks to a new Battle Pass focused on developing the Inner Light. There are 40 ranks worth of challenges and rewards available in the Inner Light Battle Pass, including Legendary Gems, Crests, Hilts, and more.

diablo immortal season 4 battle pass inner light
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

There are two premium versions of the Battle Pass that adventurers can upgrade to for the entire season if they want to unlock more rewards from their Battle Pass ranks: the Empowered Battle Pass and Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass.

The Empowered Battle Pass unlocks an Empowered track that offers extra benefits at each rank in addition to all rank awards from the free standard Battle Pass. Additionally, players will get the brilliant Inner Light Armor cosmetic (unlocked at level 40) and the Inner Light Weapon cosmetic (unlocked at rank 1).

Players have access to all rank awards and cosmetics from the Empowered Battle Pass as well as the Inner Light Avatar Frame, Portal cosmetic, and a ten-rank boost as soon as they upgrade to the Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass. The Season Four Battle Pass expires on September 29 at 2:59 a.m. server time.

New Helliquary Boss: Gishtur and Beledwe

The fourth Helliquary boss to pose a threat to Sanctuary is Gishtur, followed by Beledwe. By running the Hellforge for the Great Evils or fusing souls and flesh in their own Fellsteel Foundry, this malevolent pair of hellspawn are skilled at creating some of the most powerful weapons to ever grace the battlefield, saving only the best weaponry for their own use.

diablo immortal season 4 Gishtur and Beledwe
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Beledwe prefers a trident that has been laced with flame, utilizing it to summon blazing orbs that will seek you out and conjure meteor strikes. Gishtur opts for a closer approach, donning a huge, spiky blade and launching himself into a frantic whirlwind to close any gaps. Be wary because they have been known to burn opponents next to one another.

Visit the Einfrinn Tree in Westmarch starting on September 2 at 3 a.m. server time to form a team of seasoned adventurers, aid Rayek, and fight Gishtur and Beledwe if the Combat Rating is at least 4665. Players will receive their remnants, Twin Horns, if they are able to lay this evil to rest. Players can reduce the cooldown of their skills inside Challenge Rifts by 10% by wearing this item in the top slot of the Helliquary.

Hungering Moon Weekend Event

For its upcoming season, Blizzard has unveiled a brand-new event called Hungering Moon. According to the event, the moon is ravenous and needs your blood to survive. Players can obtain Moonslivers by heeding their commands, which can then be exchanged for Blessings. They will build up enough goodwill after they have seven blessings to exchange for a random gift.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Even though Blizzard has already made known many of the major upgrades coming in Season 4, there are still some secrets that have been kept a secret on purpose. The team has been diligently working to change and improve certain important aspects in response to the comments and suggestions made by its supporters.

Diablo Immortal Scorched Sea limited-time event

From September 14 at 3:00 a.m.–September 28 at 3:00 a.m. server time, as players complete daily Scorched Sea tasks, they will receive various rewards for their heroics. Racking up enough completed tasks will also unlock milestone rewards for you, such as the sand-blasted Scorched Sea Portrait Frame—an ode to vanquishing countless demons.

Diablo Immortal Mists of Cyrangar limited-time event

Players will receive a plethora of gifts to help them in their travels if they complete Mists of Cyrangar tasks between September 21 at 3:00 a.m. and September 30 at 3:00 a.m. server time. Pay close attention to the event page’s visuals because, as tasks are finished, a hint related to our first impending Major Update will gradually emerge from the mist.

diablo immortal season 4 Mists of Cyrangar event
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

For the duration of the Mists of Cyrangar event, all players who are below the Server Paragon Level will receive an extra experience benefit in order to get them ready for this monumental occasion. They won’t be able to take advantage of this boost until they reach Server Paragon Level. Their abilities will be put to the test by the threats introduced by the first Major Update, which will ultimately drive them.

Diablo Immortal Season 4 update brings a number of bug fixes

Cycle of Strife

  • A daily Prestige cap has been added to Defending the Vault.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing the Immortal goal: Defeat a Shadow in the Vault.
  • Fixed an issue that required players to rejoin the Shadow Lottery after server maintenance.


  • Fixed an issue during Echo of the Immortal that would cause the Immortal to be killed by summons after winning, rendering them unable to claim the reward.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from completing Helliquary quests that required speaking to Rayek.
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Bounties from refreshing on daily reset.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause SFX to be missing from Helliquary boss fights.
  • Removed the cooldown on opening Blessed Chests.

Legendary Affixes

  • The VFX for several of the Wizard’s Ray of Frost Legendries has been updated.


  • Fixed an issue that would display incorrect attribute values after performing a Class Change.
  • The Kion’s Ordeal description will now have additional details on recommended Combat Rating and how many runs can be initiated per day.

New feature updates are also introduced in Season 4

Legendary Gem Lock Function: Legendary Gem tooltips will now have a lock button feature. This prevents players from accidentally consuming a gem while upgrading it.

Cosmetic Slot Addition: A new Wing Slot has been added to the Inventory Cosmetics interface. After equipping Resonance Wings, acquiring or wearing new outfits will no longer remove the wings by default.

Overall the Season 4 update of Diablo Immortal will introduce exciting new content and necessary improvements. Therefore, players must stay tuned and mark the dates for the all-new exciting Season 4 of Diablo Immortal.

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