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Diablo Immortal to redesign the Legendary Crests in the game

A new redesign of the standard legendary crest is in progress!

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play game, though filled with controversies regarding the pay-to-win elements present in the game. Recent reports about the game say that Blizzard Entertainment has been redesigning the legendary crests in Diablo Immortal. The reason behind opting for redesigning the legendary crests is to help differentiate them from the eternal legendary crests which cost players real money.

Diablo Immortal Crests Runes Guide obtain crests
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Those who don’t know about Eternal Legendary Crests, they are the more expensive versions of the legendary crests and can only be found in the in-game store. Earlier, the legendary crests and the eternal legendary crests in Diablo Immortal used to share a similar look which supposedly is used to create confusion among the Diablo players as to which are the legendary ones and which are the eternal legendary ones.

Diablo Immortal’s lead game designer Wyyat Cheng’s response to a post on Reddit

To avoid more confusion regarding the legendary crests and so that players can easily distinguish between the eternal legendary crests and the legendary crests, Wyyat Cheng, Diablo Immortal’s lead game designer confirmed that there will be a new orange redesign for the standard legendary crest.

He confirmed this in a response to a post on Reddit stating -“This is artwork that we’re working on to help differentiate the Legendary Crest (which will become to Orange one) from the Eternal Legendary Crest (which will remain the purple one in the middle, that yields gems that can be sold on the Market).

He also added that players should not only able to distinguish the standard legendary crests and eternal legendary crests not only by color but also by shape. Besides this, a new Market icon will also be added to the item description of the Eternal Legendary Crest to reinforce the difference.

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