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Free Fire OB20 Update: Here’s how to download

Trap, the latest event of Free Fire was one of the most successful events in the game. Millions of players participated in the event which offered them heavy discounts on all the exclusive items. Recently, Free Fire OB20 update has taken the community by excitement. The registrations for the advanced test servers have been rolled out by the developers. This is kind of a Beta update where the players can test the game even before the global update comes out. We also have some leaks for the new Free Fire OB20 update.

Free Fire Orbit 20 Update Leaks

1. New Map – a revamped version of Kalahari?!

A new map is hitting the game anytime this year. The poster of a new map was spread around on social media recently. This ensures that a new map might be coming to the game. The players will even get a chance to test the new map on the test server before the global update rolls out. Also, it is reported that the new map is going to be a revamped version of the old “Kalahari” map. This map was under development at the time of release and was available only for a few days in the game. Thus, it is highly speculated that the new map is going to be a revamped version of the “Kalahari” map.

2. New Pet

A new pet dog is also reported in the Free Fire OB20 update. We do not have any reports on how this pet is going to work but we are expecting this to be a companion in the game. Apart from this, the pet dog has a TRAP chain around its neck which resembles the TRAP event of Free Fire. There are also rumors that the new pet name might be ‘Poring’ who will have the ability to fly.

free fire pet

3. Bomb Squad mode

A new game mode is arriving with this Free Fire OB20 update. Two teams will be playing in one single map where one team will be on the role of attacking and the other one on the defending. The task of the attacking team is to plant a bomb while the defenders will try to stop them. One match will consist of 7 rounds.

4. New Car Skin (Golden)

On the test servers, footage of the new golden car skin was captured in the Store section of the game. It’s a golden skin wrapped around a 4 wheeler. Although the skin was snapped in the servers, no official reports regarding it has been captured. Thus, we are speculating the skin to be available in selected countries in the early stage. Later on, it should be available globally.

golden car skin in free fire

How to register for the test servers of Free Fire OB20

The registrations for the test servers are open to all. This means that anyone can apply for participating and testing the OB20 update before its global release. The only essential requirement of registering for the test server is having a Facebook account.

Follow these steps to register for the test server:

  1. Click here to redirect to the registration page.
  2. Next, Login using your Facebook account.
  3. Fill all the required details.
  4. After you have verified all your details, click submit.

Note:- The registrations are open only till 2nd February 2020. Please ensure to register before 2nd February in order to play on the test server.

Free Fire OB20 update release date

The current golden pass available in the game will end on 10th February 2020. Thus, it is expected that the new OB20 update will release along with the new golden pass. There is no official confirmation for the release date for this update. However, we are expecting the update to release globally on 12th February 2020 along with the new golden pass. If we receive any further details, we will make sure to update it here.

What are your thoughts on the new Free Fire update? Do let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you liked reading the article, do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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