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Dysmantle: The popular survival game is now heading to Android and iOS

The game is rated "very positive" on Steam

10tons Ltd announced their popular survival game, Dysmantle is now live on iOS with an Android version available as pre-registration only in Taiwan. This might be a disappointment for Android users in other regions, but with its attractive visuals and exciting gameplay, the game looks like it’s worth the wait.

Dysmantle was originally released on Steam in November 2021. So far game’s Steam reviews are “very positive”. Other than Steam, the game is also available on Linux, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

A visually attractive post-apocalyptic world of Dysmantle awaits you

Dysmantle Android ios World
Image via 10tons Ltd.

The story is set around an island full of zombies and other unnatural creatures, but there’s more to the game than just mindlessly hacking away at zombies. You must survive amidst the hordes of zombies by destroying everything you see around you and using that material to build new gear and houses. Everything is at your disposal, be it discarded plastic, rubber, or metals. Use them wisely to invent and craft new items and upgrades.

Explore the secrets of the past in your journey

Visit old ruins from times long gone by, scattered across the map in strategic locations, and discover technology from the hi-tech era to face off against the living dead and harsh environment. Explore even deeper to find secret catacombs and acquire materials with almost surreal powers. Use them to your advantage to craft much more powerful gear.

Fend for yourself in a world without order

Apart from hunting zombies that rush your way, harvest their organs to craft powerful new equipment. Hunt or tame animals as you see fit, either using them as food and materials or capturing them for your post-apocalyptic zoo. Make your food by farming efficiently. Reap what you sow as your crops get ripe in this post-apocalyptic world.

Dysmantle Farm Fish
Image via 10tons Ltd.

Not just that but you can fish as well. Not for food but for glorious secret items lurking beneath the water. But most importantly, beware of the cold Frozen Lands, for who knows what lurks there.

Conquer the entire map in your quest for survival

Find Camp Sites and Outposts to establish safe spots for you and your team. Claim houses that have long been abandoned and refurnish them to your tastes. Explore, collect, hunt, and solve mysterious puzzles to find the means of escaping this wretched island once and for all.

The game is built for you to survive, not die of hunger. Now you have one less thing to worry about as you can never starve of hunger. This may be an advantage but don’t let it dull your senses as the dangers are much more than just the lack of food. Get permanent upgrades that increase your power and chances of survival exponentially that will eventually make you thrive.

Are you excited about Dysmantle as it is heading to Android and iOS mobile devices? Let us know in the comments below.

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