eFootball 2022 mobile release delayed further, console release soon

Mobile users still left without a release date

Following an announcement by the official Twitter handle of the eFootball game developers, KONAMI has announced the eFootball 2022 v1.0.0 for PC/Console will release on 14th April 2022. However, for the mobile platform, there is still no finalized date on eFootball 2022, and the official team has clarified the delayed release in their announcement.

Official announcement via Twitter

Konami announces a further delay in eFootball 2022 mobile release

eFootball 2022 Mobile, formerly known as PES Mobile was delayed earlier due to developmental issues last year. Back then, it was said that the issues will be fixed soon and the new version will roll out soon with a worldwide update. The 2021 version of the game has since then been in continuation with some updates in player data and clubs and ongoing online matchmaking events. But following nearly two quarters since the release of the PC version of the game, the mobile launch is still nowhere in sight.

PES 2021 mobile gameplay
Image via KONAMI

Ever since this announcement fans have eagerly waited for the game to launch but to no avail. The fanbase has thus been growing steadily impatient with the delay with the game being review bombed in the Google Play Store with negative ratings and complaints including the already existing server crisis and matchmaking bugs.

The announcement states that the developmental issues are still being resolved with the final date of release still in jeopardy and uncertain. Players have expressed their lack of interest in the current version of the game, especially with the release of eFootball 2023 coming closer with eFootball 2022 still out of sight.


The game which has already been receiving a lot of negative feedback will surely receive another backlash from this recent development. To appeal to and hold on to the player base, the developers surely have to get their heads together to bring the 2022 version of the game soon before the popularity of the game divebombs and reaches a point of no recovery.

The current online servers are messed up, and the lack of game modes in the current game was always an issue. Both are now getting out of hand, as they are boring to deal with. Their trick of churning out repeated Iconic moments isn’t working out either. So, before things go out of hand, KONAMI should think of fixing issues and bringing a stable game update.

What are your thoughts about the delayed eFootball 2022 mobile release? Do you think it will come anytime soon? Let us know in the comment section below!

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