eFootball 2023 Season 0 ‘Get Ready for Action’ kicks off with a new campaign, events, and more

Pre-season starts!

KONAMI’s eFootball 2023 has introduced its final season update with Season 0 ‘Get Ready for Action’, before the most awaited eFootball 2024 release. This is like the preseason for the game before the season kicks off, hence there isn’t much on offer, but the campaigns that are going live can help players earn some interesting rewards overall. Without further ado, we will look into the campaigns, events, and rewards that Season 0 is bringing us and other updated information in eFootball 2023.

eFootball 2023 Season 0 ‘Get Ready for Action’ overview

Updated Summer Transfers

eFootball summer transfer 2023
Image via KONAMI

Pre-season is always exciting given how the friendly matches are being held alongside your usual interest in the transfers. KONAMI has confirmed that it has updated with the new transfers while also coming up with a summer transfers pack for the players to see their football idols don new jerseys. New kits are also reportedly updated which we need to find out.

Special Login Bonus Campaign

A new campaign goes live thanks to the game reaching 650 million downloads where players can participate in the special login campaign to earn exciting rewards by logging into the game 7 times during each campaign period. The campaign will run from 03/08/2023 02:00 (UTC) to 24/08/2023 00:59 (UTC).

  • Login 1: Chance Deal x1 (Use it to sign an Epic player from eligible Special Player Lists)
  • Login 2: 30,000 GP
  • Login 3: 30,000 GP
  • Login 4: 30,000 GP
  • Login 5: 50 eFootball™ Coins
  • Login 6: 30,000 GP
  • Login 7: 30,000 GP

Masterful Challenge Event

A new challenge event goes live named the Masterful Challenge Event, where players face AI opponents with their Dream Team. Defeat the Superstar and Legend difficulties to earn up to 20,000 Exp. and 2 Skill Training Programs. The event will be active in three periods: 03/08/2023 02:00 to 10/08/2023 01:59 (UTC), 10/08/2023 02:00 to 17/08/2023 01:59 (UTC), and 17/08/2023 02:00 to 24/08/2023 01:59 (UTC).

Earn Coins on Number of Matches basis

650m million KONAMI
Image via KONAMI

Play matches from 03/08/2023 02:00 to 28/08/2023 01:59 (UTC), you can earn eFootball Coins based on the number of matches played. Receive 50 Coins for 15 matches played, 100 Coins for 30 matches, and 150 Coins for 50 matches. You’ll get all rewards up to the number of matches completed. Check your progress in Match Pass.

Ranking based events

Compete in three ranking-based events which will take place in three rounds on the following dates: Round 1 from 04/08/2023 07:00 to 06/08/2023 15:55 (UTC), Round 2 from 11/08/2023 07:00 to 13/08/2023 15:55 (UTC), and Round 3 from 18/08/2023 07:00 to20/08/2023 15:55 (UTC). Earn GP and Skill Training Programs as rewards based on your final standings in the last 15 matches played during the matchmaking window.

You will have your regular Tour events going on and also triple experience points to boost the players quickly as you are inching closer to eFootball 2024 release.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming eFootball 2023 Season 0? Are you excited about the events and features? Do let us know in the comments below!

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