eFootball 2024 update: Features, Changes, Release Date, and more

The hype is on!

The highly anticipated update to KONAMI’s popular football title eFootball is all set to arrive this year in a couple of months! The transition update from eFootball 2023 to eFootball 2024, alongside necessary changes will also bring some interesting features as well. So, let us look into the detail of what the update holds for players and fans, with more details revealed further.

eFootball 2024 update overview

The version 3.0.0 update will be the one being adapted with the new season release.

Carryover Items

A lot of items are going to carry over, just like players expected, as the transition isn’t going to be a large one like the previous ones.

  • eFootball™ Coins
  • eFootball™ Points
  • GP is carried over with a maximum limit of 999,999,999 GP
  • Nominating Contract
  • Chance Deal
  • Contract Renewal Tokens of both 60 Days and 10 Days
  • Training Program
  • Skill Training Program
  • Special Strip
  • Settings

However, KONAMI has mentioned that the carryover status for the following elements may vary depending on several factors, including the Base Team, Players, Managers, Avatar, and Objectives. For detailed information about their carryover status, it is recommended to keep an eye on the official website.

Our eFootball 2024 carryover guide explains a lot of the details regarding the carryover and non-carryover items, so give it a read to understand more.

Portraits of Standard Players

Standard Player Cards in eFootball 2024 will not undergo changes in design when they reach their maximum level. Currently, it is observed that these cards would undergo a change of card image design and receive a distinct design at their maximum level, especially for players rated 5 stars.

eFootball play potrait standard
Image via KONAMI

However, this feature will no longer be available in the upcoming update. As a result, Standard Player Cards owned by players will be reverted back to their original default portraits displayed when they were initially obtained.

Removal of Team Playstyle Proficiency

Starting from eFootball 2024, a significant change will be implemented regarding the Team Playstyle Level. This change means that the concept of Team Playstyle Proficiency added to players will no longer be present in the game. Consequently, players will no longer experience increases or decreases in their Abilities based on their Team Playstyle Proficiency values, regardless of the specific Team Playstyle they choose.

Manager Team Playstyle
Image via KONAMI

This allows players to adopt and play with any desired Team Playstyle without any worries. With this change, players who have allocated Progression Points toward their Team Playstyle Proficiency will receive a refund of those Points upon the release of the v3.0.0 update. This ensures that players can reallocate those Points to the player attributes from the next update.

The following missions are being removed from both the Career Objectives and Debut Missions sections.

  • Increase Team Playstyle Level
  • Complete Objectives
  • Increase Team Playstyle Level to 75 or above
  • Complete Debut Missions 2

However, there is no official confirmation regarding Team Playstyle Level and managers’ Team Playstyle Proficiency, which we shall wait for the team to confirm.

eFootball 2024 update release date

The update is scheduled to be live on September 7th. What’s curious is that KONAMI has announced that this update focuses on enhancing the freedom of play control for generating opportunities, allowing users to enjoy a more advanced and engaging gameplay experience. Hence, a bit of curiosity is on what lies ahead.

To facilitate the implementation of these updates, they have announced a large-scale maintenance period scheduled from the 4th of September, 2023, to the 7th of September, 2023. However, do note that this might take a week to be implemented, so it might exceed the date given and take more time, like usual.

With this, the Season 0 ‘Get Ready for Action’ update that arrived on August 1st week will mark the final major Season update released for the game. Once more details are released, we shall be updating this piece to give a complete overview of the upcoming update.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming eFootball 2024 mobile updateDo let us know in the comment section below!

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Joseph Akinnubi

And also help when will buy coin,make it easy for us to see our desired players…pls…..and also give us the chances to move our player to any location by our self,not that the position have been sticked,like when you are using formation 433,that you can move the striker position towards the opponent gk or draw is position backwards….thanks


We want to see the referee like that if the Dream league soccer

Jeremiah Kollie

I wish the new update team in the top five league will use their real badge and team kits


Compatibility….I mean about the ram …which phones will support it?


2Gb And Above. Even 4Gb ram can’t compatible with it if the CPU core is weak such as Samsung A13 it doesn’t depends on ram but also Processer

Olaitan Olanrewaju

It will be much more lovely if manager mode is introduced as well as real league mode, master league mode and players transfer.
Thank you.


Please we also want to be seeing the field official on the field as well and the subs


Plz tell about storage i heared some rumors about minimum 8 gb ram requirement for play efootball 2024 .Is that true or not?


We hope to seeing lineups before matches start.

Efootball fan

I just want to see a world cup option against AI or other players as if we’re in the final


o pes 2024

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