Elvenar – Fantasy Kingdom Halloween Event 2021: Rewards, grand prizes, and more

Get rewards this Halloween by exploring the Misty Forest

Fall has returned to Elvenar-Fantasy Kingdom and from today through November 10th the Halloween event 2021 will happen where players must make their way through the adventure of the Misty Forest to help the witch Mrs. Sniffle carry out her ritual in order to brew a new potion. Players are in for some sweet treats along the way in the form of new prizes.

Elvenar – Fantasy Kingdom Halloween Event 2021: Unveil the Magic ingredients

To assist Mrs. Sniffle, players will need to complete quests and search the outskirts of their cities for Magic Ingredients. Mrs. Sniffle will also send players some Magic Ingredients she has found for each daily log-in.

These can then be traded for candles, lanterns, and flash flasks to clear the way through the Misty Forest. Players should be sure to use the gear wisely. One never knows what lies ahead.

Elvenar – Fantasy Kingdom Halloween Event 2021: Daily rewards and new Artifacts

Daily Exclusive rewards can be found beneath the mist and include brand-new buildings, buildings from previous events, and more. Friendly Spirits can also be found wandering the forest. Players who find enough of them will be able to acquire even more rewards, including new Artifacts to upgrade the Witch Summoning Circle to its highest stage. Milestone Rewards are available at several points during the questline as an extra treat.

Some exclusive Grand and Royal Prizes for the players

The Royal Prize Pass will be running this event as well. This is a special premium option that players can purchase to get extra rewards with each Grand Prize acquired. The Royal Prize lane becomes available by purchasing the Royal Prize Pass, which can be purchased at any time during the event. Royal Grand Prizes are a new addition this year.

Once unlocked, for every 20 Magic Ingredients collected, players will simultaneously receive one of the Royal Prizes, containing even more rewards for their city. Included among this year’s Grand and Royal prizes is the Sip of Clarity, a new item that allows players to refresh the rotation of their Magic Academy’s crafting recipes for free.

Misty Forest Halloween Event 2021 Grand Prizes and Royal Prizes
Misty Forest Halloween Event 2021 Grand Prizes and Royal Prizes

Start your journey through the Misty Forest this Halloween

The Misty Forest Halloween event 2021 is live from 19th October and will have the full adventure through the Misty Forest till 10th November. Elvenar is available for the game’s official browseriOS, and Android devices and can be played for free. 

Are you excited about Elvenar – Fantasy Kingdom Halloween Event 2021 ? Let us know in the comment section below!

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