Era of Conquest is set to enter a closed beta test in July 2022 ahead of global release

Fight epic battles with upto 6,000 troops on the same screen during a siege!

Era of Conquest is getting a closed beta in mid-July 2022. The 4X real-time strategy game has so far only been available in mainland China and is now gearing up to release globally. In case you’re not up on the lingo, 4X means that the game contains elements of exploration, expansion, exploitation, and extermination.

The game sees you picking a civilization and then setting out to conquer the world. Civilizations on offer include British, French, German, Viking, Arab, and more. There are ten in total. Your starting point is humble. You’re a fallen lord, striving to regain your former status through city-building and bloody conquest. Era of Conquest gives you a gentle introduction by placing you in the fog of the inner city, safe from attackers.

Manage an ancient civilization and build your own dynasty

From here you’ll learn the basics of city management and warfare, take command of an army, rule your own settlement, and eventually conquer the world. Or die trying. In the process, you’ll summon a variety of historical legends into your army, gather special corps, build fortresses, construct command posts, and form partnerships with other players. 

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The alliance system is essential to your long-term survival on the bloody battlefields of Era of Conquest. Joining an alliance lets you enjoy mutual protection in a defensive posture, and extra muscle when you’re on the offensive. Those are the basics, and here’s why you should do everything in your power to get on that closed beta. 

Between battles, you’ll need to replenish your reserves of troops to make sure you’re well-defended and ready for the next skirmish. The only way to get these troops is to wait for their numbers to recover automatically or to open conscription boxes, which you can win in PvP battles. And across your journey to the summit, only skill and patience will help you and not through spending money or resources, thus making the game fair

The game is scheduled for a global release in the latter half of 2022

Era of Conquest has already become a proven hit in China, being ranked number 1 on the Chinese App Store. It can be hard to pick a game out from the flood of new titles that appear every week on mobile and PC. Fortunately, Era of Conquest is a no-brainer being such a popular title already.

The game boasts support for 19 different languages, and its servers are global. That means you can find yourself at war with players from all over the world, rather than just those players who happen to be in your region or hemisphere. Additionally, Era of Conquest comes with fully cross-platform post-launch across iOS, Android, and PC, enabling you to play with everybody all at once. 

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Era of Conquest is going global later this year, at some point after the closed beta test ends. The wait is almost over and interested players can check out the game’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord accounts, to stay up to date with all the latest announcements.

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