Everdale second update reworks Valley Management, brings Trade relation changes, new items, events and more

Long time No Patch, the developers are bringing some big things in the game!

While adding a lot of brand-new content, Everdale has brought in several big changes for the long run with the Second Update. It has been almost five months since the first update was released, and it has things have just gotten much bigger. The developers at Supercell Games have taken in feedback from the players, making noteworthy changes and introducing new events, rewards for its players. In this piece, we will break down the points discussed in the latest Dev Talk, and monitors the changes brought into the game with it.

Everdale Second Update: Valley Management Rework

Valley Management had got poor feedback when released as a beta, with the removal of the Leader position. The leadership will be taken care of by Elders, and all important decisions can be supported with a vote involving everyone. Additionally, a special role has been created, which is that of a Founder. They cannot be removed unless they leave the valley themselves. This new system will be subjected to further tweaks and changes if deemed necessary in future updates.

Reputation Road brings “Everchest”

Image via Supercell

Reputation Road has been completely removed with the update. At the end of the reputation road, “Everchest” can be collected repeatedly, after receiving the amount of 20,000 reputation points. This reward will make players feel elated rather than punished.

Everdale Second Update Main Event: Trade Relations

To bring a big change to the gameplay dynamics of Everdale, the system has become more staggering and rewarding. Every relation milestone will be accompanied by a number of rewards, which will open up future opportunities and bring a revamp to the basic core of the game.

Each trade partner will possess the unique repeating perk named Research Swap, and Supercell Games look forward to giving partners a reason to interact and be involved. Iceberg Isles and Summery Woods are being reworked, providing new items for crafting iron ores materials and potions, respectively.

Everdale second update  icebergisles summeryroad
Image via Supercell

Every Summer Wood Ship would also provide potion ingredients. With progress already on a reset, these places will now be unlocked with the onset of the introductory events, which will rekindle new relationships. The points for Iceberg Isles and Summery Woods will be evenly distributed to Glimmering Dales and Highland Academy.

Bigger rewards, recipe changes and more

Bigger rewards will be received for completing missions, events and more. With more ways to obtain potions, the recipes for Potion Recipes and Dye Recipes have changed big-time.

Everdale Second update: Deco Gems

everchest second update gem tree
Image via Supercell
  • A new resource, Deco Gems can be used as gems, but only for cosmetics in the shop.
  • Visible costs for cosmetics in the shop have been changed to deco gems, Although, they can always use normal gems instead, which was communicated in the confirmation pop up.
  • Deco gems can be gained from reputation road chests, offer bundles and once per week for free. They can now be bought from the store and a one-time offer has appeared for The Gem Tree.

UI/UX improvements, Bug fixes

With the chat being worked up from the beginning, a new section has been added to showcase the name of events, votes and more. Additionally, it warns the player about the availability of potions, space in the inventory and more. A lot of improvements was made to art and graphics, and bugs have been fixed.

What are your thoughts on the huge Second update of Everdale? Do let us know in the comments below!

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Wish it was still compatible with my phone, unfortunately it isn’t anymore, been playing ages too it’s a shame

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