Everdale third update brings new animals, villagers, and more

Meet the Plainsfolk, milk cows and do much more in this new content filled update!

Everdale, Supercell’s peaceful world-building game, has now received a new update that adds in a ton of different features. The second update released a short while ago, laid the framework for this third one by changing some of the core fundamentals of the game. The major additions which were shown off in the latest dev talks are discussed below.

Everdale third update: New Villager type and the Chocolate Maker

An 11th villager will now be joining the game, although not much is known about them right now. The Prairie Plains are the home of a new trade partner. The inhabitants of this region are very attached to nature as they love animals and grow cocoa beans. They can be unlocked by reaching level 8 in the Grand Library and completing The Dogfather, which is the new entry event. 

The Dogfather
Image via Supercell

The cocoa that players obtain from the Prairie Plains can be refined using the Village Chocolate Maker, which in turn can be used in the Valley Candy Shop to make more candy. Among other sweets, there’s the Chocolate Herring, which is a fish dipped in chocolate. 

Another important point here is the new skill that the inhabitants of the Prairie Plains will teach your villagers, Animal Handling, which gives players the ability to assign their villagers to animal buildings (the Chicken Coop, Cow Barn, or the Beehive), speeding up production. There are a bunch of new Monument, Spirit, Entry, and Mini Events coming to the game. There are also new options for building and animal handling that are given below:

Cows and Milk
Image via Supercell
  • Cows and Milk: Cows will be joining Chickens and Bees as they’ll graze your village’s pastures and produce milk, which can be refined in the new Dairy Building to create a cream, butter, and cheese, which in turn can be used in the Bakery, Preservary and Candy Maker.
  • Silk: Villagers can now be assigned to collect Silk from the Silk Cocoons, which can be sent to the Spool Maker to create Silk Spools, then to the Silk Weaver to create silk cloth, which can be used for silk ties and scarfs.  
  • Wind-Up Winston: Wind-Up Winston is a new toy that can be obtained from the Toy Workshop. This addition originated from a Reddit Post which proposed new use for Iron Ore in the form of a tin toy.
  • The Gobble Fish: When your valley reaches level 4, the Gobble Fish will show up in the bay on certain weekends. Upon feeding it, players will be rewarded with coins and perks. 

Other miscellaneous Balance Changes

Late game Village Study and Grand Library levels have been reworked by expanding max levels to fit new content. The amount of Event Tokens has been increased to 6 and they will replenish faster, so players can get more on the Reputation Road, and then get more tokens, try out in more events and get more rewards. Aside from this, there’s been a bunch of UI, UX, Art, and audio changes in the update, which is already live. Players can check out the full list of changes in the release notes.

What are your thoughts on the huge third update of Everdale? Do let us know in the comments below!

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