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Fortnite is making a return to iOS devices through Nvidia GeForce Now

You didn't see that coming?

For about a year and a half at this point, Fortnite has not been available for iOS devices because of its legal battles with Apple over their monopoly on app monetization. However, it seems like that’s going to change, with the fact of Fortnite making a return to iOS through cloud gaming, and more specifically, Nvidia GeForce Now

Since iOS users can’t run APKs, they couldn’t play the game at all. Android users on the other hand could download the Epic Games Store and then Fortnite from there. However, cloud gaming platforms have now developed their own Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that can run on a smartphone’s browser.

The possibility of the return of Fortnite to iOS devices through cloud gaming (and especially Nvidia GeForce Now) was brought up quite a while ago but now, it seems like that is finally coming to fruition. Despite Apple being called out and practically losing to Epic in the legal battles, they have refused to let Epic publish games on the App Store.  

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Apple and Epic have long been tangled in legal battles

Fortnite goes into closed beta next week on the Nvidia GeForce Now app

A blog post on the official Nvidia website has confirmed this. A closed beta test of the game will start next week on the GeForce Now web app or Android app and members of the service can register to get a chance to play the game. Additionally, even those not paying for the premium membership can join the waitlist. 

This obviously isn’t a localized mobile version of the game but is instead a cloud-based version streaming to your device but being run on Nvidia’s servers. Although Fortnite’s ban severely hurt the game’s growth on mobile, this could be a chance for it to make a comeback. 

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