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Fortnite v23.20 update brings new Weapon, new Features in the game

Over the course of each season, Fortnite new releases are what keep gamers interested in the game. These upgrades introduce new POIs, spice up the loot pool, and are eagerly anticipated by fans. And now, the Fortnite v23.20 update has arrived in the game, and here’s what players can expect from the second content update of Chapter 4 Season 1.

Fortnite Creative v23.20 Update: Key Highlights

Shockwave Hammer

The Shockwave Hammer is a melee weapon that can throw the user, their squad, or their adversaries away from the site of impact in addition to dealing damage.

Fortnite v23.20 update
Image via Epic Games

Players can launch other players by releasing the primary fire control when they are jumping in the air after charging up their Slam assault. When the hammer hits the ground, they can launch both themselves and other people by maintaining primary fire control. It resembles the Shockwave Grenade but is mounted on a huge hammer! To give players a chance to discover a Shockwave Hammer at random, you can bury Oathbound Chests on your islands.

Falcon Scout

The Falcon Scout is a mechanical flying companion that players can use to mark opponents, open containers, and carry loot to themselves or their teammates. There’s a price to pay for this powerful tool: while guiding the Falcon Scout, the player is vulnerable! It’s up to players to determine whether using it is worth the risk.

Fortnite v23.20 update
Image via Epic Games

Deploy your Falcon Scout and control where it flies, ping or place markers, and caw to create a radius in which all opponents will be marked for your squad. You can also use your Falcon Scout to open containers and pick up loot.

Your vision will change to what’s behind your Falcon Scout to make it easier for you to manage it. If you’re battling alone, make careful to find a hiding place because this could leave you defenceless if you’re not fighting in a team. Additionally, take caution when flying because an opposing strike on the Falcon Scout is possible. The Falcon Scout can fly a maximum distance from you, which is trackable in its distance bar, due to the fact that it is remotely operated.

From the ground, normal Chests, Oathbound Chests, and Supply Drops, Falcon Scouts can be located. The number of times you can utilize the same Falcon Scout in a game is unlimited.

Guardian Shield

When activated, the Guardian Shield places a protective shield in front of the player to deflect harm. Players can use this shield to get mobile cover while they’re moving. To form a fixed point of defense, it can also be hurled to the ground. The temporary shield’s color changes to show how long players have until it expires. You can place Oathbound Chests on your islands to give players a random chance to find a Guardian Shield.

Fortnite v23.20 update
Image via Epic Games

Reboot Van Spawner

Put the Reboot Van Spawner on your islands so that your players can bring back fallen teammates. The Reboot Van’s capabilities can be customized, and you can set up actions to be taken when it needs to be recharged or when a group of players needs to be rebooted.

Fortnite v23.20 update
Image via Epic Games

Only if the eliminated player has teammates who could pick up the card when it is dropped do Reboot Cards fall from eliminated players. The ousted player’s team or class must also have access to a Reboot Van. Additionally, a new setting named Drop Reboot Card on Elimination, which by default is set to If Can Be Rebooted, has been added to My Island’s Settings tab.

New Ball Spawner

A new, updated Ball Spawner using our current physics system is on its way! Additionally, to better physics behavior, Epic Games has also provided new choices and modifications. For instance, you may change the ball’s size directly, specify the maximum distance range, and configure the ball to start events when players touch it.

Fortnite v23.20 update
Image via Epic Games

The former Ball Spawner gadget is now called as Ball Spawner as a result of the introduction of the new Ball Spawner (Legacy). The outdated Ball Spawner gadget will be eliminated in the future.

New Variants for Wildlife

New visual variants have been added to some of the animals spawned by the Wildlife Spawner. If you set the Type option to ChickenBoar, or Wolf, you’ll see the Biome Variant option displayed. By default, these animals have the Classic variant appearance, but you can also select Medieval or Snow.

Furthermore, custom post-game settings are now available for all creator-made islands! Previously, this was only available when creating a Battle Royale Island in Creative. To customize the post-game experience on your island, go to My Island > UI and scroll down to the Post Game Type option. Here are some of the options available if you set the Post Game Type option to Custom:

  • Custom Post-Game Show Scoreboard
  • Custom Post Game Victory Animation Style
  • Custom Post-Game Victory Animation Color Set
  • Custom Post-Game Victory Animation Text
  • Custom Post-Game Victory Animation Sub Text
  • Custom Post Game Defeat Animation Style
  • Custom Post-Game Defeat Animation Color Set
  • Custom Post Game Defeat Animation Text
  • Custom Post-Game Defeat Animation Sub Text
  • Custom Post Game Tie Animation Style
  • Custom Post-Game Tie Animation Color Set
  • Custom Post Game Tie Animation Text
  • Custom Post-Game Tie Animation Sub Text

Other Updates

Documentation Updates

  • A new Galleries section is now live on our official documentation site!

Device Updates

  • Mutator Zone: Added the Allow Jumping option so creators can turn players jumping on or off.
  • Added the Oathbound Chest to the Chest and Ammo Gallery device.

Updates to Upgraded Devices

  • HUD Message Device (Opt-In Upgraded Devices Only): For Islands that have converted to upgraded devices, the HUD Message Device has been refactored and has several new options:
  • Placement: A new Custom option has been added. This exposes an Anchor point for the message, and the position is offset from this anchor. When using Custom offsets, remember that other devices might have different screen sizes, so use the appropriate anchor point.
  • Layer (0-4): You can now have multiple HUD Messages on screen at once! Each Layer can display a HUD Message and has its own message queue.
  • Priority: This defines how important the message is. Messages are queued in order of Priority, with Priority 0 being the most important.
  • Allow Multiples in Queue: Determines whether you can have multiple messages from the same device queued up to display at once. Previously the default behavior was to always allow this.
  • Queue Timeout: If a message has been queued to show, this determines how long it waits before removing itself from the queue. This is useful for messages that are only relevant close to the time they should display.
  • Queue Message for Join-in Progress Players: This allows messages to be displayed for players who join the game after the message was sent.
  • Re-Evaluate Messages on Show: Messages are only displayed to players they’re valid for when they’re requested. If a player changes teams after messages have been queued to display, this option will check if any messages are now invalid, and the device won’t display them. For example, if there’s a message to display to Team 1, and a player swaps from Team 1 to another team, this option will prevent messages directed at Team 1 from displaying to that player.

Bug Fixes in Fortnite Creative v23.20 Update

Device Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players could not place the Skydome device.
  • Fixed an issue where props with the Prop Mover device attached stopped moving after colliding with another prop. 
  • Fixed an issue where join-in-progress players did not see the Water device filling up.
  • Fixed an issue where using multiple props with the Prop Manipulator device caused the game to disconnect.
  • Fixed an issue where players became stuck when they crouched and fell into the volume of the Water device.
  • Fixed an issue where items appeared on top of the Item Spawner device and caused the item limit to be reached as a result.
  • Fixed an issue where spawned guards did not attack players that were within range if the Team option was set to Wildlife & Creatures.
  • Fixed an issue where the Grappler Glider failed to hit the aimed target.
  • Fixed an issue where items registered with the Capture Area device still floated over the device even after they were deleted from it. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Tank acceleration audio was muted during its movement.

Fixes for Upgraded Devices

  • Fixed an issue where players could place more devices than allowed by the original limit after they converted their island to upgraded devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the asset removed by the Trick Tile did not reset after a match ended.

Tool Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Quickbar did not display icons from copied assets.

Island Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where grass was spawning on asphalt materials on Tilted Towers POI island.
  • Fixed an issue on the Tilted Towers POI island where the pavement overlapped the sidewalk on the northwestern side of Tilted Towers POI Island.
  • Fixed an issue where some assets from the Ring Gallery A were missing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Battle Bus in a Battle Royale Island was silent.
  • Fixed an issue where the Target Bots in the Battle Royale Island were creating long load times during the start and end of matches. 

Gameplay Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players experienced rubber-banding in 100-player matchmaking games.
  • Fixed an issue where public players could join private Battle Royale Island games.
  • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard was inaccurate when playing with Target Bots in the Battle Royale Island.

Fortnite Battle Royale v23.20 Update: Key Highlights

The Fortnite Battle Royale v23.20 update introduces the Falcon Scout to help you find loot from afar, plus a Reality Augment that’ll lead to buried treasure. This update brings five new Reality Augments in total.

All new Augments coming to Fortnite v23.20

In version 23.20, more Reality Augments join the fight! Start by turning on these new Reality Augments.

Peely’s Plunder

Peely is now sharing shaky maps with the gamer that he reportedly purchased from the internet. If you obtain this Augment, you will be handed a map, perhaps resembling the Uncharted collaboration, that will take you to a hidden treasure that you must uncover with a pickaxe.

Shotgun Striker

You can charge into battle armed with a shotgun and be unconcerned about the repercussions of your actions thanks to this benefit. When you defeat an adversary, this ability provides your shotgun fire Siphon, which replenishes your life or shields.

Rarity Check

With the Rarity Check augment, you can restock your health with any common weaponry you might come upon. As soon as you achieve eliminations with a Common or Uncommon weapon, you will receive Siphon. Given that it applies to all weapons and not just shotguns, this looks like a superior adaptation of Shotgun Striker.

Zero Chance

Breaking an opponent’s shield, running across space to evade gunfire, breaking another shield, and repeating the process will feel cooler than anything else. When you defeat your opponent’s shield using this Augment, you gain the Zero Point dash ability, enabling you to teleport to a more advantageous location. This will probably be useful while facing off against groups of warriors because teleporting will put you out of harm’s way.

Danger Hero

In Fortnite, everyone will occasionally find themselves on the receiving end of the shots, and this perk will aid in your escape. When their shield is destroyed, players will be able to move more quickly and restore health thanks to this benefit. This skill would be fantastic for assisting you in evading hostile fire while also significantly reducing it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue that caused us to disable the Deku Smash in Battle Royale/Zero Build. The Deku Smash has been re-enabled in Battle Royale/Zero Build.
  • Fixed issues related to mantling in which players would sometimes be flung across the map.
  • Fixed an issue in which, in some instances, sprinting would be disabled for the duration of a match.
  • Reality Augments can again be unlocked from teammates.
  • Players can again damage objects with their Pickaxe consistently.
  • Players are now able to select Reality Augments while on a Dirt Bike.
  • Players can now use the Guardian Shield while on the back of an OG Bear pick-up truck or a Dirt Bike.

With Fortnite v23.20 update, hired Characters can now ride vehicles as passengers! No longer leave Helsie hanging or dishonor Raptorian the Brave.

What are your thoughts as Fortnite v23.20 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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