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Fortnite x SypherPk collaboration brings an amazing SypherPK Icon Skin on September 22

Two styles of Icon skins will feature in the game!

The much-awaited SypherPK Icon Skin in Fortnite will release very soon as the content creator provides details about the collaboration with Epic Games and the rare skin. SypherPK is one of the most prominent content creators in the world of Fortnite. He boasts over 6 million followers on platforms including YouTube and Twitch. He has built up quite a following because of his in-depth explanations of new weapons, equipment, and updates in Fortnite. Players can now get their hands on the amazing SypherPK Icon Series skin as Epic Games rolls out this rare skin.

SypherPK Icon Skin is to release in Fortnite on September 22 after its season 4 debut

To announce the release of SypherPK’s original skin in the game, the content creator shared the news along with the outfit reveals trailer on Twitter. According to Sypher, his Icon Series skin will be made available in Fortnite’s Icon Shop on September 22, 2022, soon after Season 4 debut.

Two sets of SypherPK Icon Skin will be available in the game

Speaking about the Icon Series skins, one should know that these are some of the rarest skins in the game. They don’t frequently return to the item shop after their inaugural launch. There are two styles of SypherPK Icon skin.

The red outfit is the casual outfit and the purple one is the empowered and possessed outfit. The main theme featured in the skin is the Japanese Oni-inspired look, symbolic of great strength and demonic power. The Oni mask on both styles adds an edge over other cosmetic outfits.

The empowered SypherPK outfit style is the armored version. It has a left robotic arm and with increasing numbers of kills throughout the game, the entire skin will transform. The shoulder and Back Bling Oni mask will also glow with a purple flame as the skin unleashes its full potential amassing more kills. Additionally, a spray, an emoticon, an animated weapon wrap, and a loading screen are among the four free cosmetics available for Sypher as part of the Icon series.

How to obtain free cosmetics for the SypherPK Icon Skin in Fortnite

The exclusive and rare skin was revealed by the SypherPK on his official Twitch channel with beaming excitement regarding his collaboration with Epic Games. A desert-themed SypherPK Icon Map is also released today. Here players can earn two of the cosmetics, the spray, the loading screen, and XP by completing certain quests. Also, by spending at least an hour watching SypherPK on Twitch, gamers can obtain an animated weapon wrap named Dark Dragon.

Fortnite SypherPK Icon Skin
Image via Epic Games

Many popular creators have received Icon skins in the past, including Ninja, LoserFruit, TheGrefg, Bugha, and Lachlan, to mention a few. With Fortnite stepping into a new season, players have the chance to explore new themes, events, cosmetic bundles, and more.

Are you excited about the arrival of SypherPK Icon skin in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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