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Garena Free Fire adds a new Character named Jota

Garena Free Fire has added another new character named Jota. Yes, you heard it right! And, this time it’s a male character. Free Fire has been consistently adding new characters and pushing new contents. Previously, Free Fire had included Steffie ‘The Graffiti Artist’ with the February Update. If you want to know about the best characters of Free Fire check here.

Who is Jota in Free Fire?

Jota is a stuntman and parkour specialist. He is currently 31 years old (born June 23rd). His special ability is more inclined towards bringing the best gameplay out of the rushers.

The character has been designed and inspired upon keeping the veteran Indonesian Actor Joe Taslim in mind. With this move, Free Fire must have won the hearts of millions of Indonesian players. The player base had been requesting Free Fire Indonesia to bring a character native to their motherland into the game, for some time now.

Free fire jota
Joe Taslim alongside a cardboard cut out of his character

Unique ability: Sustained Raids

As already mentioned, Jota’s skill is more likely to bring about crispier aggressive gameplays from the players. His skill, if compared with that of other characters added recently into the game, is undoubtedly overpowered. His skill offers to restore some HP instantly post SMG and shotgun kills.

This probably means that hardcore rushers will have a little more breath added into them when engaging multiple enemies or a squad. Thus, increasing the duration of those aggressive rush gameplays where everyone’s in a wild frenzy.

Possible Synergies for Jota

Free Fire has already mentioned in-game how various synergies can be formed with other characters. Following are a few powerful ones.

Forming synergy with:

  • Caroline’s ability which increases movement speed while holding a shotgun.
  • Miguel’s ‘Crazy Slayer’ skill will restore HP AND EP with every kill.
  • DJ Alok’s ‘Drop da Beat’ which restores HP and increases movement speed.
  • Last but not the least, true rushers would want to create a synergy between Jota and Hayato to initiate lethal and deadly rush gameplays.

Players excited for this character can have him through a 100 Diamonds ‘Top-Up‘. Thus, rendering him a ‘pay2play’ character. This might disrupt the balance of play since the majority of the players don’t really feel like investing in a mobile game.

However, if this character will successfully get incorporated into the game, only time will answer the question.

Are you excited for the arrival of Jota in Free Fire? Do let us know in the comments below. And for more instant news and updates, make sure to follow Gamingonhone on Facebook and Twitter.

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