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Free Fire Weapon Royale: Which weapon skin is coming next?

Free Fire enthusiasts might already be knowing that only a few days remain for the next weapon royale skin to get unveiled! Weapon Royale is one of the most-awaited and exciting aspects of the game. It’s something where you spend weapon royale vouchers or diamonds to try your luck in getting some rare weaponry items from the Royale. The gun skins offered in weapon royale are legendary ones and are available only for a limited period of time.

Free Fire Weapon Royale
Weapon Royale in Free Fire

Which is the next Weapon Skin coming?

It’s going to be a legendary SCAR skin coming next. The official name for the skin isn’t out yet but in other servers, it’s apparently going to be called ‘Mystic Seeker SCAR’. Legendary gun skins offer boosts in particular attributes and nerf a single attribute slightly, to still maintain balance. Apart from this, legendary gun skins also contain ‘specialized kill-feed‘, implying your name gets displayed in-game in a special manner whenever you kill someone.

Next Weapon Royale Skin

Attributes of Mystic Seeker SCAR: the next weapon royale skin

While different server set different set of attributes for weapons, the main attributes, more or less, remain the same. So far, rumours have it that the upcoming weapon royale skin will have the following attributes:

Rate of Fire++
Mystic Seeker SCAR: stats

Titan SCAR vs Cupid SCAR vs Mystic Seeker SCAR: How does the new skin fare against other skins?

Let’s look further into the top three SCARs in the game right now and how the new Free Fire Weapon Royale skin fares against other SCAR skins. Listing is rank wise.

1. Titan SCAR

Free Fire Weapon Royale Titan SCAR
Titan SCAR

One of the oldest legendary SCAR skins in the game. One of the rarest, as well. It was first introduced in the Incubator and has made a special comeback, since then, a few times. Let’s look at the stats:

Rate of Fire++
Titan SCAR: attributes

As it can be seen, Titan SCAR is one the best AR guns in the game if not the best. It’s perfect for those players who’ve mastered drag headshots. The only drawback is that of the smaller magazine but it still doesn’t affect much if you’ve a level two or three magazine equipped.

2. Mystic Seeker SCAR

Eremitas skin
Eremitas SCAR

The newest legendary SCAR skin that’s yet to arrive. It’ll make its debut through the next weapon royale. The skin doesn’t look that attractive as you would want it to but, then again, it doesn’t look that awful either. The supposed stats for this gun are already mentioned above. One can expect insane headshots with this gun because of the OP rate of fire. The slight range boost will make sure it remains a tough challenge against other AR guns in long-range.

Rate of Fire++
Mystic Seeker SCAR: stats

The only disadvantage of this gun is the lower accuracy nerf. But that drawback can be minimised to a great extent if you use ‘Laura’. Her skill increases accuracy when scoped in on the target. Hence, overall, this is a pretty cool gun. Regardless of whether you’ve mastered drag or still learning, this gun is a must-have for SCAR lovers!

3. Cupid SCAR

Cupid Scar
Cupid SCAR

To call it one of the most popular legendary gun skins in the game won’t be an overstatement. It’s used by almost all the major streamers and recommended by pros. Appearance wise, the skin doesn’t look dull at all. Feels quite tranquilizing with the pink blossoms. Players feel overwhelmingly blessed when they get a permanent skin of this through event/store crates. Let’s take a look at the stats:

Rate of Fire++
Cupid SCAR: attributes

Well, you can hit sweet headshots alright with this skin but the damage it inflicts isn’t that great, especially at long range if the enemy has lvl 3 or higher vest equipped. Would recommend using this legendary gun skin only if you’ve properly mastered drag headshots. The drawback of reduced range really affects this skin. It’s more suited for short to mid range battles rather than long-range.

Our Verdict: Should you get this skin?

Well, definitely! Among all the SCAR skins only the Titan SCAR can outplay this one. Even then it still remains a close battle between the two. This skin is clearly better than Cupid SCAR because of the range advantage. So, if you’ve Cupid SCAR already, you can still grind for this upcoming skin.

If you are new to this game or don’t know how to connect drag headshots then you’re better off looking at other options in the store that offer more damage instead of a better rate of fire.

That’s all we have regarding the next Weapon Royale coming in Free Fire. Good luck in grinding for the next weapon skin!

Are you excited about the next Weapon Royale in Free Fire? Let us know in the comment section below!

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