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Free Fire Season 26 Elite Pass Leaks: Which rewards can you get?

It’s been a little more than a week since the current season 25 Elite Pass ‘Fabled Foxes‘ came out in Free Fire. But we already have some much-anticipated leaks regarding rewards of the Season 26 Elite Pass in Free Fire. The upcoming season is named as ‘The Revenge of Inari’. Let’s look into different rewards which are rumoured to be given out with the next Elite Pass.

Elite Pass in Free Fire

Before moving onto the leaks of the season 26 Elite Pass in Free Fire, let’s get to know a little more about what an Elite Pass is. It’s a subscription that offers a lot of advantages over the regular Fire Pass. An Elite Pass season usually lasts almost a month. There’s also an exclusive reward if you pre-order the Elite Pass beforehand.

Advantages of the Elite Pass

  • Unlock exclusive rewards worth more than a few thousand diamonds.
  • Unlock Elite Challenges and get more badges.
  • Daily gold limit increased by 100.
  • Nickname showed as glorious red in the kills feed.

Season 26: The Revenge of Inari

The tentative date of commencement of the season 26 Elite Pass is 2nd July 2020. The name for the same is ‘The Revenge of Inari’. From the looks of it, the theme is anticipated to be based on the concept of ‘Rampage’ that has been implemented before in an earlier season. Owing to this, one can also expect new competitive events and game modes to be a part of the next elite pass, especially the ‘Rampage 2.0’.

Free Fire Season 26 leaks Rampage  Mode
Rampage 2.0 Game Mode is a part of the Season 28

As the players keep on grinding to collect badges, the rewards in Elite Pass and Fire Pass get unlocked one by one, after claiming a particular number of badges. Well, without any further ado, let’s look at the leaks of next season’s rewards.

Rampage Mode
Rampage Mode Gameplay Credits:SRIKANTA_FF

Rewards for Season 26 Elite Pass

The rewards are divided by the no. of badges required to be unlocked. As you keep on collecting badges, you can earn better rewards through the Elite Pass.

0 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: 50 Gold

Nothing much appealing will the players get right after the new season gets introduced. Well, something is better than nothing!

Elite Pass Reward: Female Jacket + Fire Pass Reward

Elite Pass holders will immediately get the female jacket right after the new season rolls in. Though, it’s not something that’ll please the eyes of yours or your enemies. It’s just going to be a simple jacket.

Female Jacket

10 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: Veteran Challenges Unlocked

Veteran challenges are those challenges that offer players additional badges post the completion of specific tasks. These challenges aren’t that difficult and if you keep on grinding regularly, you’ll end up with 200+ badges by the end of the season. Hence, very helpful if you want to unlock rewards fast.

Elite Pass Reward: Baseball Bat Skin + Fire Pass Reward

Elite Pass holders will feel really lucky to get a rare item right at the starting of the season 26 at just 10 badges. The baseball bat skin looks pretty vibrant and is quite visually appealing to the eyes.

Free Fire Season 26 leaks Baseball bat skin
Baseball bat skin reward

15 Badges

Elite Pass Reward: Monster Truck Skin

It’s not quite known if the Monster Truck has ever gotten a skin before but in this Elite Pass, you’re sure to get one once you claim 15 badges! The skin looks cool with a lighter shade of grey all over it.

Free Fire Season 26 leaks monster truck
Monster truck skin; Image credits: FF – Dataminer

No rewards for Fire Pass Holders at 15 badges

40 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: Male Jacket

Post claiming 40 badges, Fire Pass Holders can unlock the male jacket. In terms of the standards of the Fire Pass, the jacket looks stunning dipped with a fiery red colour.

Free Fire Season 26 leaks Male Jacket
Male Jacket

Elite Pass Reward: Avatar + Fire Pass Reward

The avatar looks so cool with those glowing eyes staring right at you! Pretty stylish and worthy of being included in the Elite Pass.

New avatar
New Avatar

50 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: Diamond Royale Voucher

One Diamond Royale Voucher awaits at 50 badges. This voucher can be used to spin in the Diamond Royale to try your luck. You never know when you might get something valuable out of the Royale.

Elite Pass Reward: Female Bundle + Fire Pass Reward

The female bundle looks really cool in the Season 26 Elite Pass. From top to bottom, including the clothing animation seems top notch. The black outfit compliments the hair colour.

Female Bundle
Female Bundle

80 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: Pet Food

One packet of pet food for your pet, that’s it. As we’ve mentioned before, something is better than nothing.

Elite Pass Reward: Surfboard (white) + Fire Pass Reward

The surfboard forms a very crucial part of the player’s attire. This surfboard with its animation looks pretty legendary!

Free Fire Season 26 leaks Surfboard
Surfboard; Image credits: FF – Dataminer

100 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: 1 Scanner

You can earn one scanner through the Fire Pass once you have reached 100 badges!

Elite Pass Reward: Cowboy Emote + Fire Pass Reward

The cowboy emote was introduced recently in the ‘Age of Streamers’ update. The emote can be yours at 100 badges if you have the Elite Pass.

Free Fire Season 26 leaks Cowboy emote
Cowboy Emote in Free Fire

150 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: Banner

A banner to make your profile look trendy and up-to-date with the ongoing season.

Elite Pass Reward: Lootbox + Fire Pass Reward

Every Elite Pass offers a Lootbox at certain badges. The Lootbox this time is a cubical one, not quite hard enough to spot either.

Lootbox as a reward at 150 badges

180 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: 3 bonfire

You can earn the bonfires through the Fire Pass once you have reached 180 badges!

An Evolution Stone + Fire Pass Reward

Evolution Stones are one of the rarest items in the game. The stones along with blueprints are necessary to exchange for Incubator Outfits/Skins.

Free Fire Season 26 leaks Evolution Stone
Evolution Stone

200 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: Parachute

The parachute looks really cool and seems pretty colourful. A precious reward regardless of whether you own Fire Pass or Elite Pass!

Season 26 Parachute reward

Elite Pass Reward: A bag + Fire Pass Reward

As is customary, the Elite Pass offers a cool bag at 200 badges. The bag changes appearances as the inventory space is increased.

Bag reward; Image credits: FF – Dataminer

225 Badges

Fire Pass Reward: 1 Awakening Shard

A rare item that is required to upgrade a character. Hence, quite a crucial material.

Awakening Shard

Elite Pass Reward: Male Bundle + Fire Pass Reward

The male bundle in this Elite Pass is going to be one of the best male bundles seen so far in Elite Pass Rewards. The hair looks really unique and the outfit with its animation is a total killer!

Free Fire Season 26 leaks male bundle
Male Bundle; final reward at 225 badges

That’s it from us regarding the Free Fire season 26 Elite Pass reward leaks. Good luck to all of you for the rest of Season 25!

Are you excited about the rewards in Season 26 of Free Fire? Let us know in the comment section below!

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