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Free Fire x Assassins Creed collaboration to bring limited-time Bundles, Weapons and more

In the Free Fire OB32 patch update, Garena has now brought in a collaboration of Free Fire with Assassins Creed, which has launched some exclusive limited-time content to the game. There are a lot of items that are available for players leading from a sword to even the bundles from the game. With this Free Fire x Assassins Creed collaboration, Garena continues to bring great content for the Free Fire community with collaborations with the most popular brands in the world.

Look out for the Sanctuary in Bermuda and perform the iconic Leap of Faith

The collaboration will also see the Sanctuary, a new building exclusive to the Free Fire x Assassin’s Creed collaboration, appear on the Bermuda map. Players should enter the Sanctuary once they have located the building as there might be decent items up for grabs in them!

Free Fire x Assassins Creed collaboration
Assassin’s Creed Sanctuary in Free Fire

The Leap of Faith, an acrobatic freerunning maneuver, is considered one of Assassin’s Creed’s Brotherhood’s most sacred rites. It is an act to strengthen resolve – to center minds, steady hands, and purge fear from hearts. As per tradition, whenever Assassin recruits were initiated, they performed a Leap of Faith, signifying their new rank.

Players can join in this iconic initiation and perform the Leap of Faith at the top of the Sanctuary! Players can also take screenshots and share their own Leaps of Faith on social media with the hashtag #FFLeapOfFaith. Check out how you can take the Leap of Faith here.

Listen to the specially composed collaboration theme song ‘The Creed of Fire’

The collaboration theme song, ‘The Creed of Fire’, combines the core melodies of the theme songs of both Free Fire and Assassin’s Creed into one.

Performed by a symphony orchestra, ‘The Creed of Fire’ seeks to provide inspiration to players from both games and encourage them to believe in themselves and never to give up – both in the game and in the game of life. Take a listen to the now-released ‘The Creed of Fire’ on Spotify

A new Assassins Creed theme login screen and lobby would be available in this collaboration

The players will be able to get a glimpse of the contents of the upcoming bundles on the login screen and for Free Fire MAX players, there will be a video resembling the login screen. Players will also get to see the treatment sniper skin and a desert eagle-based skin.

Free Fire x Assassins Creed collaboration
Free Fire x Assassins Creed themed login screen and lobby (Image via Knightclown)

Garena will also be changing the lobby style for this collaboration which will be one of the biggest collaborations to date. The lobby style looks straight from the Assassins Creed game. There is a statue in middle with 2 banners on its side with the game logo on it.

Free Fire x Assassins Creed bundles

There will be two main bundles upcoming for players one specific male bundle and one male and female combo bundle.

Male bundle

The male bundle will have the same look of characters from Free Fire x Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Ezio. The character will have the same white, silver, and red combination. There is a high possibility that this bundle may come in a mystery shop or faded wheel/moco store.

Male and Female combo bundle

Free Fire x Assassins Creed collaboration
Free Fire x Assassins Creed male and female combo bundle (Image via Knightclown)

A Combo bundle is a bundle which both male and female characters in Free Fire can wear. Though there are a few such bundles available right now in-game, this bundle will be pretty unique in itself. Talking about uniqueness, this bundle will have a color combination of a black, white, and red cape.

Free Fire x Assassin’s Creed weapon skins

1. Treatment Sniper Gun skin

Free Fire x Assassins Creed collaboration
Treatment Sniper Gun skin (Image via Knightclown)

The upcoming treatment sniper skin will have a color combination of white, red, and black on the barrel of the gun. The attributes of the skin are still unknown, but this skin will be a legendary/yellow skin in terms of rarity.

2. New Machete skin

Free Fire x Assassins Creed collaboration
Machete Skin (Image via Knightclown)

The upcoming machete skin will be inspired straight from Assassin’s Creed Origin. This skin will have a high possibility to have attributes in it. Moreover, this will be the first-ever melee skin with attributes. Also, this skin will be high legendary/red skin in the terms of a rarity with this skin being called an emerald slicer too.

3. New Melee Skin

Free Fire x Assassins Creed collaboration
Melee Skin (Image via Knightclown)

This upcoming melee skin is designed in a medieval fashion. It has a pretty dull color combination but surely Assassin’s Creed lovers will like this skin the most. This skin will have rare/pink skin in terms of rarity. This skin will have a color combination of gold, silver with black on handles. Sadly, there will be no animation in this skin.

For getting any of the above skins, players will have to use 1,000 diamonds at least for mystery shop, and for faded wheel, the cost may vary according to the player’s luck.

What are your thoughts on the Free Fire x Assassins Creed collaboration? Drop your opinions in the comments!

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