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Genshin Impact fans demand quality life improvements from miHoYo

Frustrated Genshin Impact fans burst out with their opinions and better game updates!

Genshin Impact, a popular adventureRPG game on mobile devices, has been out for over a year and fans are starting to call for a big quality of life improvements. Gamers have been increasingly vocal in recent years about their desire for more immersive and realistic gaming experiences.

The open-world setting trend is taking the gaming world on fire. One of the most popular genres to emerge in response to this trend is the open-world game, which offers players a vast and detailed landscape to explore. Genshin Impact is one of the many modern games that have taken advantage of this popularity, transforming the continent of Teyvat into a vast and immersive world.

According to some fans of Genshin Impact, the game currently lacks several important quality of life features that could make it more enjoyable to play. There is a multitude of regions in Genshin Impact, and more are being added all the time, all of them encrusted with chests, mora, and seelies.

It can take a long time to find all of these hidden rewards. The fact that you may reach 100% in a region does not indicate that all secrets have been discovered. So, fans are calling on the developers to implement these changes as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at what they’re asking for and see if there might be some truth to it!

Genshin Impact fans going all vocal with miHoYo

Gamers have taken to Reddit to plead with miHoYo, the developer of Genshin Impact, to change the game’s map so that any remaining secrets show up after players have reached 100% on a given region. This quality of life change would make exploring Teyvat much less stressful for concerned players. 

LightningShado, who kicked off the discussion, described feeling perpetually paranoid that they’d missed materials or primogems in an area they’d already cleared. They also wondered why miHoYo hadn’t added this small but useful feature to the game from the start. Many other gamers echoed these sentiments, with some even suggesting that miHoYo add a “secret” tracker to the game similar to the one in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Genshin Impact leaks miHoYo plans add 4 regions
Current Teyvat Map (Image by Genshin Impact)

A recent discussion on the gaming forum has generated a lot of interest around the topic of treasure-hunting in the popular game Genshin Impact. User ArkassEX started the discussion by suggesting that the game’s developers, miHoYo, should give the treasure compass unlimited range. They also suggested that the compass should lock onto chests hidden by puzzles and mechanisms, which can be easy to overlook. 

This suggestion was expanded upon by TheQuestionableDuck, who noted that players in 2025 would still be looking through the entire map for a single common chest that was missed in Mondstadt with the current treasure-finding mechanics. According to a third user, miHoYo collects data on the most frequently missed chests and occasional catches.

Fans suggest easier ways to find new puzzles and chests in Genshin Impact

Gamers are always looking for new ways to get ahead in their favorite games. One way to do this is by completing puzzles that unlock new routes and chest locations. However, finding these puzzles can be a challenge, especially if the game’s official map is not regularly updated.

This is where Redditor July-Thirty-First’s suggestion comes in. By syncing gamers’ exploration completion status to the official Genshin Impact interactive map, the map would be updated in real-time, making it easier for gamers to find new puzzles and chests. 

Genshin Impact Amakumo Peak Puzzle Solution
Amakumo Peak: locations

However, this would require miHoYo to update the official map regularly, which some users complain the company does not do. More users expressed that they were tired of searching for chests and taking new routes.

Final Thoughts

Genshin Impact has a passionate and dedicated fanbase who are looking for ways to improve their quality of life. The game offers many benefits that can help players in their everyday lives, and we hope that the developers will listen to the request of their fans & continue to update the game with new content and better features soon.

What is your opinion on the demands made by fans for quality of life improvements in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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