Google Play Pass is coming soon to Android

With the passing days, subscription services are becoming a way to generate profit for companies. Be it a casting service, or game or any other services, everyone is now having an affinity towards it. Most of the online games are now implementing the pass system in the game. So, seeing Google Play announce Google Play Pass is not a surprise.

Google announced last month that they are planning to launch a paid subscription service and that too without any ad. However, they did not reveal any more information back then. And yesterday, the official Google play twitter account tweeted about it that they are almost on the verge of starting it. Though the tweet didn’t include any details or new information.

So, how Google Play Pass is going to be?

There is no offical confirmation about anything so far. But like the other subscription services we can expect that, it is going to be a subscription-based service for Android users throughout the world which will be available on the Play Store. And, it will allow access to a large pool of premium games (number of games is still unknown) and apps with the monthly rental. It is also expected that it will come with a trial period like some of the Google Play services and after that, it will ask for purchasing. The Google Play Pass will provide ad-free experience and unlocked in-app purchases. And, the good thing is, it will also have family plans.

google play pass

What will be the price?

Like we said earlier, there has been not much information about it. But Engadget reported it to be at $4.99 per month.

How Google Play pass is going to affect the Mobile Gamers

If you are among those mobile gamers who try out a lot of games including paid ones, then probably it will be a great deal for you. But if you are among those people who rarely purchase any games or services from Google Play then it may not be a good deal. However, a big question remains for the in-app purchases of the freemium model games. We’ll see once it starts to roll out globally!

What do you think about the Google Play Pass? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below!

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