Growing Up will let you live the life of the ’90s, now available on Android after a fair success on PC

Vile Monarch's PC title is now getting a mobile port!

Coconut Island Games has come up with a mobile port called Growing Up, which will take players back to the days of the 90s, on their Android devices. The game is now available for Android devices, which comes after a fair success on PC, garnering almost 90% of very positive reviews on Steam.

In this game, players will be able to experience a life of a child who belongs to an ordinary family. The experience includes the child’s growth, changes, and development through 18 years. Throughout the journey, players will have to make several decisions that will affect their present and future. They will have full control of what players want to learn, explore, who they want to be friends and in which activity they want to get involved.

Gameplay Overview

The nostalgic 1990s

Players lose themselves in the generously handcrafted sceneries of the 90s. In an era of rapid social change and rising pop culture, people will get to experience life accompanied by both endearing friends and a nostalgic city with more than 30 locations to explore.

Growing Up Android
Image via Coconut Island Games

They must watch “Dino Park” in the cinemas while having popcorn and buy the tape-recorded by “Boys Next Door” from a street shop. Players can take their time, the city is not going anywhere.

Create and explore different characters

Each and every character which people have created will have a different life with different challenges to face. During the journey, players will meet new different people. The choices people make will result in different wild outcomes.

Reflections of the decisions

The development of the narrative will depend on their choices. With more than 1000 lines of dialogues for each character, as well as multiple endings for you and your friends, depending on your choices, every decision you make will reflect through the entire journey of your character.

Wisely choose friends

Growing Up Android
Image via Coconut Island Games

The journey to adulthood is characterized by playing, fighting, falling in love can be done without a friend. Growing Up features 19 characters whose stories unfold alongside the people. They must form a relationship with them in any way the heart desires. The choice can be romantic or purely platonic.

Polish the skills to achieve excellence in activities

Growing Up Android
Image via Coconut Island Games

Growing Up offers a variety of systems. Players can build their minds and aptitude with our handcrafter minigame. Players can carry out their daily activities according to the schedule they prepare. They must ace their way into the best school in challenging exams. Players can participate in a lot of extracurricular activities to build their character effectively.

Explore the 42 unique characters

There are 200 skills available in the game that players can acquire and master. Ultimate freedom will be given to the player to shape the future of the character and end up with one of 42 unique careers!

Growing Up Android Trailer

Not keeping in mind whether they are easy or hard to get, players can have hands-on characters like an Astronaut, a CEO of a gaming company, a famous actress, or maybe even the President of the United States of America!

Are you excited to live the life of the 90s, while playing Growing Up, which is now available on Android devices? Let us know in the comments below!

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