Guns of Glory celebrates its 6th anniversary featuring new events and rewards

Guns of Glory, an epic free-to-play mobile strategy game, is celebrating its 6th anniversary and the remarkable milestone of surpassing 100 million downloads worldwide on Android and iOS devices with a number of exclusive in-game events, player rewards, and more.

Guns of Glory is hosting two thrilling events as a part of its 6th anniversary celebrations

One of the most significant updates is the addition of the Windows platform to the game’s roster of platforms. Now, players can experience the epic battles and immersive gameplay of Guns of Glory on their personal computers, providing a whole new level of excitement and accessibility.

In the PC version of this game, players can experience enhanced performances, an improved QOL with the ability to play the game on a larger screen with a mouse, a multi-client feature that allows players to play with multiple registered accounts, shorter loading times, increased stability, and exclusive offline events for PC players.

Guns of Glory 6th anniversary
Image via FunPlus

Guns of Glory is presenting two exciting events – the Onshore Exploration and the Anniversary Party, to kick off the anniversary celebrations. Players will set off on a journey with their Musketeers’ ship to a lost island during Onshore Exploration. As they learn the secrets of a little island that was once a part of the fabled Atlantic metropolis, participants in this thrilling voyage will face uncommon challenges and get special rewards.

On the other hand, the Anniversary Party invites participants to a spectacular anniversary celebration on the island’s beach. Players can take part in a variety of activities and events at this festive gathering. The following events are a part of the festivities:

Onshore Exploration

  • Event Store (Sept 12 – Oct 10): Players can visit the anniversary-themed store to trade items with special tokens, acquiring exclusive rewards.
  • Alliance Boss Expedition (Sept 12 – Sept 16): Alliance members can strategize and send troops to defeat a formidable boss, an evil alchemist who has imprisoned mermaids for their precious tears.
  • Memory Master (Sept 13 – Sept 17): Players can test their memory skills by flipping cards and matching them to win the game.
Guns of Glory 4th anniversary
Image via FunPlus

Anniversary Party

  • Anniversary Battle Pass (Sept 18 – Sept 24): By completing required tasks, players can claim daily rewards and unlock a final reward chest after collecting all the daily rewards.
  • Alliance Donation (Sept 25 – Oct 1): Players can donate corals to mermaids and assist them in reinforcing their residence, receiving generous gifts in return.
  • Adventure Rewind (Sept 12 – Oct 8): An exciting playback of players’ achievements over the past year, showcasing their progress and growth.
  • Seven-Day Quests (Sept 18 – Sept 24): By logging in daily, players can unlock a series of mini-tasks, with the completion of all tasks granting them final rewards.

The fact that Guns of Glory is celebrating its sixth anniversary speaks something about the game’s continuing appeal and widespread popularity. With the addition of the PC platform to games like State of Survival, King of Avalon, and now Guns of Glory, FunPlus keeps providing its devoted community with unrivaled gaming experiences.

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