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AFK Arena Artifacts Tier List for May 2024

Choose from only the best artifacts of this month!

In AFK Arena, a popular RPG brought by Lilith Games, players could always put in a little extra effort to be able to attain special items that could easily aid their heroes in battle. When it comes to these items, they are called Artifacts, they provide special abilities and effects that would aid just about any hero, except for those Classes specified, of course. Here is our set of AFK Arena Artifacts Tier List that can help beginners or even returning players in the game.

If you’re new to AFK Arena, be sure to check out our beginner’s guide for tips on starting out. You can also look at our reroll guide and resource guide to get off to a great start. Make sure to check out the available redeem codes for some free gifts and rewards. Our hero tier list will help you figure out which characters and items are worth focusing on. For advanced strategies, check out our tips on getting celestial heroes and dimensional heroes. And if you ever run into any issues in the game, reaching out to customer support is easy and hassle-free

Artifacts in AFK Arena

With Artifacts, you can carefully add those artifacts to heroes you deem worthy of them or that could have great synergy with the Artifact, and could use it to the highest potential of both the Artifact and the hero as well. These Artifacts are unique items that heroes can use to enhance their abilities. They provide players with raw stats and abilities.

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I’ve found that the Peaks of Time mode is the only place where players can get artifacts. Dura’s relics can be found in Historic Ventures, whereas class-exclusive artifacts can be found in the far more difficult Trials of God area. What follows would be a tier list that players can follow when going for specific Artifacts that could strengthen their heroes and which ones could just be obtained later on.

AFK Arena Artifacts Tier List for May 2024

The following AFK Arena Artifacts tier list is based on my personal preference and experience with the game and can vary with others depending on their playing styles.

Overpowered (S+)Windbinder,
Dura’s Call,
Dura’s Eye
Strong (S)Chaos Bringer,
Oceanic Strings,
Pauldron of Burning Fury,
Life’s Limit
Good (A)Warden of the Arcane,
Verdant Longbow,
Waistband of Resilience,
Dual Divinity,
Shroud of verdure
Average (B)Dura’s Blade,
The Barricade,
Chalice of Vitality
Weak (C)Carnage,
Dura’s Grace,
Winged Warden,
FodderDura’s Conviction,
Dura’s Drape

As mentioned above, some of these Artifacts are Class-Exclusive and could only be used for that specific class and not for others. While a lot of Artifacts could be used in several ways and with a lot of heroes, there would still be some Artifacts that would work best with some.

The good thing about these Artifacts is that they could be upgraded over time as well and given the right resources, could make the artifacts have added effects and abilities that make them stronger overall. Bulking up heroes can be quite the task when it comes to AFK Arena, a lot goes into making each hero stronger, and a lot of thought also goes into which heroes go well with each other.

AFK Arena Artifacts Tier List
Image via Lilith Games

Final Thought

In AFK Arena, success often hinges on farming resources, leveling up experience, and ascending heroes who show the most promise as potential carries. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different Artifacts to see how they can amplify your chosen heroes’ strengths.

This process can help you discover powerful team compositions that bring out the best in specific heroes and Artifacts, leading to smoother progress through the game. Remember, part of the fun is trying out different combinations and finding what works best for your play style.

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