Guns Up! Mobile global release delayed to early 2022

Many features are coming!

Valkyrie Entertainment’s popular strategy game Guns Up! Mobile is not coming out globally soon as the game announced that its release will get delayed to early 2022. The primary reason behind the decision is the game still needs further improvements. Guns Up! Mobile is a free-to-play PvP strategy game that originally launched on the PlayStation 4 in 2015 and gained popularity by the players. It was soft released in selected regions i.e. Canada, France, Switzerland, Singapore, India, and the Philippines before.

“After careful consideration and feedback from players, we have decided to move the global release date of GUNS UP! Mobile to early next year”, said the announcement. “We want Guns Up! Mobile to deliver a fun and smooth experience for all players, which means more time and effort to make improvements and fix the problems we’ve encountered during its preview phase”, the game added.

Guns Up! Mobile: Reasons for the change in release date

From the soft release in selected regions, the game took players’ feedback concerning improvement and issues within the game. Based on that, Guns Up! Mobile decided not to release the game soon and thus, extends the global release date till early 2022.

game strategy
Guns Up! Mobile: Game strategy

The game features a lot of things together, making a “brand new experience” including a main PvP Raid Mode, Defense Mode, Zombies Mode, building and upgrading your base, taking part in Community Challenges, and more for the players. And after the game received players’ and community feedbacks, it was not satisfactory for both the players and the developers. So, it decided to dedicate more “time and effort” for “additional polishing and balancing” around these main features.

Improvements include further development in many sectors

Guns Up! Mobile will bring new features to the game when it releases. It will provide a “social space” namely the “Alliances & Seasons” where players will join together, communicate, collaborate, and compete against each other.

A new mode “Prison Break” will be introduced as well. Besides, “Bounty Mode” will also be incorporated which is similar to Raids but with a twist. The game will be localized in 14 languages at launch. New Units, Events Equipment, Base Themes, and much more will also make their way to the game.

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