Homeworld Mobile is Coming soon to Android and iOS

Now that PAX West 2019 is all said and done, we now have a lot to mull over. For one, Gearbox Publishing had a few things to show off, like Borderlands 3. It was also announced that there would be a release of Homeworld 3 (After over a decade since it’s last PC release) and a mobile game named as Homeworld Mobile. Per the Homeworld Mobile website the title isn’t set in stone. Homeworld was a full 3D Space RTS originally release back in 1999, with a Remaster released in 2015. Seeing that Homeworld 3 is currently being crowdfunded through If you contribute you will get early access to Homeworld Mobile once that is released.

homeworld mobile

I for one am very excited for this one, as Homeworld was a staple for RTS gaming back in the early 2000’s. The Homeworld series has been through some rough patches in the past few years. Originally being developed by Relic Entertainment and published alongside one of the greats at the time, Sierra Studios. A few years later THQ bought Relic, and nothing was done with the Homeworld brand with THQ declaring bankruptcy in 2013. Shortly after Gearbox swooped in and bought the rights to the series. Later releasing a remastered collection in hopes to bring some life to the series.

What about Homeworld Mobile release date?

We have no idea when Homeworld Mobile is going to be released. We did get an in-game engine teaser for the mobile version, but no date on when it might come out.

How the game will look like?

No word as to how the game will be played. There is also the question that if any monetization will be involved or if the game is going to be paid for F2P. Since this is going to be from Gearbox, fingers crossed that we get a quality mobile version of the space RTS that we knew and loved. You can check out the website for Homeworld in the meantime. 

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