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Honkai: Star Rail Black Swan Abilities and Gameplay Leaks

Another DoT specialist!

Reliable sources confirm the imminent introduction of Black Swan in Honkai: Star Rail, a highly anticipated 5-star character with a presence in the game’s lore and Simulated Universe. Recent information on the upcoming characters has generated excitement among players. Black Swan has been teased on Honkai: Star Rail’s official accounts, causing a stir on Twitter due to her elegant appearance.

Anticipated to be a 5-star character aligned with the Wind-type element on the Path of Nihility, players, and leak-watchers eagerly await her official debut. This overview of Honkai: Star Rail Black Swan Abilities and Gameplay Leaks explores her skill set and team dynamics, providing insights into her unique playstyle and potential as a character.

Who is Black Swan in Honkai: Star Rail

Fans are familiar with Black Swan as she had a notable presence in the early Myriad Celestia Trailer: Fables About the Stars Part 1. This trailer gave us an overview of the available Paths in the game. Despite being featured in the trailer, Black Swan has yet to make an in-game appearance.

Honkai Star Rail Black Swan tease
Image via HoYoverse

A Memokeeper in the Garden of Recollection, Black Swan is a mysterious and elegant soothsayer. She wears a warm smile and patiently listens to others, using this as a pretext to enter “memories” and comprehend the flow of all information.

Black Swan Abilities in Honkai: Star Rail

Black Swan in Honkai: Star Rail features unique gameplay with a strong emphasis on debuff and utility capabilities. The skill set is designed to impact both the targeted enemy and adjacent foes, potentially compromising their defenses.

The ultimate ability significantly amplifies the effectiveness of Fate Card effects, diminishing the resistance of affected targets. Black Swan’s unique talent triggers under Damage over Time (DoT) conditions, potentially applying Fate Cards that deal substantial damage over time to affected enemies.

Basic Attack

Black Swan’s standard attack inflicts Wind damage on a selected enemy, calculated as a percentage of her Attack.


She deals Wind damage to a chosen enemy and nearby foes. Additionally, there’s a 100% chance to decrease the defense of these enemies for three turns.


Black Swan delivers Wind damage to all enemies and enhances the target’s Fate Card effect for two turns. The strengthened Fate Card status reduces the target’s effect resistance.


When an enemy under Damage over Time (DoT) effects, Black Swan has a chance to apply Fate Card to the target. The Fate Card target will suffer substantial Wind damage at the beginning of each turn.

Honkai Star Rail Black Swan
Image via HoYoverse


Black Swan draws one Fate Crystal (Physical, Fire, Lightning, or Wind element) not currently in her possession, up to a maximum of four at a time. Upon entering battle, she consumes all Fate Crystals, triggering a Weakness Break effect with a damage multiplier on all enemies susceptible to those specific elements.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, Black Swan is a powerful debuffer in Honkai: Star Rail, using a clever mix of Wind attacks and debuffs. She’s great at lowering enemy defenses and causing extra damage over time with Fate Cards.

Looking ahead, she could be a cool character to have, bringing in unique ways to play and helping you make the most of elemental strengths. So, if you’re into strategic moves and want to spice up your team, keep an eye out for Black Swan in the future as she might just be the character you’re looking for.

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