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Honkai: Star Rail reveals 20 free pulls for Version 2.1 leaks

More pulls for Acheron and Aventurine!

As the second half of version 2.0 of Honkai: Star Rail nears its end with the Sparkle banner and her light cone, players are gearing up for the anticipated version 2.1 update, which promises to introduce Acheron, Aventurine, and Gallagher as new playable characters. I discovered that recent leaks about Honkai: Star Rail version 2.1 leaks 20 free pulls are expected to be given out for obtaining playable characters and Light Cones from time-exclusive banners.

To mark the Chinese New Year festivities, Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 will be extended by one week, with version 2.1 scheduled for a late March release. Alongside Star Rail Rail Passes, the upcoming update is rumored to include at least one free character as part of the first-anniversary celebrations.

Honkai: Star Rail version 2.1 leaks reveal 20 free pulls

Recent leaks surrounding Honkai: Star Rail version 2.1 have stirred up excitement among players, revealing a generous offering of 20 free pulls. The game has been earning accolades for its player-friendly approach, capturing the affection of its player base with enticing rewards, including free characters and pulls.

In the past, during the rollout of version 1.6, the game surprised us with a complimentary copy of Dr. Ratio, a highly coveted five-star character expected to debut in a time-limited banner. With each subsequent update, Honkai: Star Rail has consistently provided us with ample opportunities to acquire resources, such as Stellar Jades, translating into numerous pulls for eager players.

Honkai Star Rail Dimbreak 2.1 20 free pulls
Image via Twitter

According to insider information from Dimbreath, a trusted source within the community, version 2.1 of Honkai: Star Rail is poised to offer 20 free pulls, presented in the form of Special Rail Passes, over 7 days. These passes can be utilized on upcoming banners to unlock sought-after characters like Aventurine and Acheron, along with their accompanying Light Cones.

Additionally, there’s speculation that HoYoverse may distribute these 20 free Special Rail Passes across two phases, providing players with 10 passes in each phase, further enhancing the anticipation and excitement surrounding the upcoming update.

Additional rewards and optimizations for version 2.1

In version 2.1 of Honkai: Star Rail, you can anticipate additional rewards and exciting changes to the banner lineup. These rewards are expected to be separate from the usual Gift of Odyssey event, which traditionally offers players at least ten pulls in every update. However, there’s a possibility that half of the Rail Passes may be obtainable through this event. Players will have to wait until the end of March to confirm if there are more freebies to claim in version 2.1.

Honkai Star Rail passes
Image via HoYoverse

With the introduction of new characters in version 2.1, Honkai: Star Rail’s banner lineup will undergo alterations. In the first phase of the update, players can look forward to claiming Acheron alongside rerun units. Subsequently, with the release of the second phase, Aventurine and Gallagher will be featured in the same event-exclusive banner.

Moreover, version 2.1 of Honkai: Star Rail will bring several highly requested quality-of-life improvements. Among these is the addition of a Claim All button, streamlining the process of collecting assignment rewards with a single click. Additionally, leaks suggest that players will gain the ability to switch between material tier/rarity and synthesis, enhancing their gameplay experience and efficiency.

Final Thoughts

As the release of Honkai: Star Rail version 2.1 draws nearer, leaks have given players a sneak peek into what’s coming. One big highlight is the news of 20 free pulls that players can get through Special Rail Passes. These passes can be used to try and get cool characters like Aventurine and Acheron, plus their Light Cones. There are also changes coming to the game’s banners. New characters like Acheron, Aventurine, and Gallagher will make their debut on special banners.

And there’s talk about making some parts of the game easier with a Claim All button and other improvements. But perhaps the most exciting rumor is the possibility of getting a free 5-star character for the game’s anniversary. If true, this would be a big treat for players. With all these teasers and surprises in store, players are buzzing with anticipation for what version 2.1 will bring to Honkai: Star Rail.

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