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Honkai: Star Rail reveals 30 New Achievements for the version 1.2 update

Complete these new achievements for version 1.2!

The upcoming Honkai Star Rail version 1.2 update, titled Even Immortality Ends, is set to be released on July 19th, 2023. Players are eagerly anticipating the new area and quest to explore. Aside from new characters and events, the update also introduces achievements, which provide players with the opportunity to earn valuable rewards of free Stellar Jades.

Achievements have always been a significant aspect of the HoYoverse games, with some players becoming highly competitive in completing as many achievements as possible. Unlocking these milestones not only boosts player progression but also serves as a symbol of their dedication and skill.

Honkai Star Rail’s new achievements for version 1.2

Newly discovered information from Honkai Star Rail version 1.2 has unveiled the addition of 30 new achievements. These achievements primarily revolve around the new content introduced in the update and are closely linked to specific requirements related to the upcoming areas and characters featured in the version 1.2 banner. In the upcoming version 1.2 of Honkai Star Rail, players will be introduced to two new 5-star characters, Blade and Kafka.

Honkai Star Rail Blade
Image via HoYoverse

The addition of these powerful characters opens up the possibility of unlocking achievements that are specifically tied to their abilities and storylines. These character-specific achievements may involve tasks such as leveling up their skills, defeating challenging enemies, or completing quests unique to each character. Here’s a list of Honkai Star Rail’s Achievements for version 1.2 update.

AchievementHow to ObtainStellar Jades
I Was Here Flying: Meridian PinFly a Cycrane to the vicinity of the Meridian Pin.5
I Was Here Flying: Matrix of PrescienceFly a Cycrane to the middle of the Matrix of Prescience.5
I Was Here Flying: Aureate Elixir RoomFly a Cycrane to the vicinity of the Aureate Elixir Room.5
Take It Easy, IcarusFly a Cycrane to test the limits of its remote control range.5
Unboxing AssessmentThere is no delivery package inspector more reliable than you.5
Travels AfarActivate Space Anchors 20 times on the Xianzhou Luofu.5
The Star of Wealth Shines Upon YouOpen Treasures 170 times on the Xianzhou Luofu.10
Sickly ComplexionPart of Eager for Battle.5
HorticulturalistPart of Eager for Battle.10
BOOMIn a single battle, use Kafka’s “Caressing Moonlight” 1 time to trigger 4 different DoT attacks.5
Unfulfilled Wish  In a single battle, use the character Blade to restore HP from less than or equal to 5% to greater than or equal to 30% in one attack for 2 time(s).5
Go, Bladie Use ally Blade in combat against Kafka and have him be Dominated by her.5
Win by Decision In a single battle, use Luka’s “Sky-Shatter Fist” a total of 4 time(s).5
Self-Hypnosis Use ally Kafka in combat against boss Kafka and be Dominated by boss Kafka.5
Guardian of the Underworld Win 1 battle with a team comprising of Natasha, Seele, and Luka.5
Svah SanishyuIf they come back to life, then just kill them again… Defeat the Master of the Disciples of Sanctus Medicus.10
The Imbibitor Lunae ArrivesDeep waters cannot hide the light of the pearls. Witness Dan Heng part the waters in Scalegorge Waterscape.10
The Arbor SnapsPart of The Rail Unto the Stars.20
The Willing Does Not BiteUncover the connection between the two anglers from the Artisanship Commission.5
How I Learned to Stop Worrying Successfully resolve the neutron bomb crisis.5
Lunarescent Rim Participate 1 time in the Aurumaton Driving Exam.5
Wordsmith Part of The Memories We Share.5
Literary NovicePart of The Memories We Share.5
Soaring Birds and Paper Kites Complete the Companion Mission “For I Have Touched the Sky”.5
Ends Above the MeansComplete 1 successful release with the Unshackled.5
Means Above the Ends Witness the end of the Unshackled.5
Friend of the Cloud KnightsFulfill the General’s orders dutifully.10
Voyage to the Ends of the SkyClear Forgotten Hall: Memories of Xianzhou Stage 6.10
The Memories We Share Part 1Part of The Memories We Share.5
The Memories We Share Part 2Part of The Memories We Share.5

Moreover, there are several achievements in version 1.2 of Honkai Star Rail that have undisclosed descriptions. These achievements are believed to be connected to the new area of Xianzhou Luofu, which will be introduced in the update. This additional map is anticipated to offer players a fresh and interactive experience, featuring new enemies, challenging bosses, and opportunities to delve into the game’s lore and history. Players will likely encounter new gameplay mechanics and puzzles while exploring this area.

By accomplishing specific objectives and quests within Xianzhou Luofu, players may unlock these undisclosed achievements. Additionally, limited-time events are expected to accompany the release of version 1.2. These events will present players with unique challenges and activities to partake in. It is likely that certain parts of the main quests will be linked to these events, motivating players to actively engage with the time-limited content and offering rewards for successful completion.

Honkai Star Rail Blade
Image via HoYoverse

For version 1.1 of Honkai Star Rail, a comprehensive list of achievements can be accessed through a document created by a Discord community. This document provides detailed information and explanations on how to obtain and unlock the rewards associated with these achievements.

Final Thoughts

The inclusion of 30 new achievements in the version 1.2 update of Honkai Star Rail enhances the game by providing an additional level of challenge and excitement. These achievements not only encourage players to immerse themselves in the new content and features of version 1.2 but also allow them to delve deeper into the world of Honkai Star Rail.

With achievements tied to the main quest and the new area, players can earn rewards while expanding their knowledge and exploration of the game’s universe. By actively pursuing and completing these achievements, players can experience a sense of progression, unlock valuable rewards, and demonstrate their dedication and skill within the upcoming update of Honkai Star Rail.

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What are your thoughts about the Honkai Star Rail’s Achievements for version 1.2 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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