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Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf trailer hints Honkai Impact 3rd Easter Egg

Have you noticed this easter egg?

A newly-released trailer for Silver Wolf has been released. The upcoming character of Honkai Star Rail Version 1.1 during its first phase of the banner is a 5-star Quantum-type element under the Path of Nihility. The version is expected to go live on June 7, 2023, based on the Galactic Roaming update. Silver Wolf is another familiar face in HoYoverse, she resembles the character model of Bronya that is originally from Honkai Impact 3rd. She is expected to be a meta support for version 1.1 and a game-changing character based on her kit. In this article, we will get into detail about the information and elements highlighted in Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf trailer and how it hints at a Honkai Impact 3rd easter egg.

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf playing Honkai Impact 3rd in her new trailer

Another Honkai Impact 3rd easter egg can be seen in the new trailer released by Honkai Star Rail. The two HoYoverse game shares a familiar character and Silver Wolf can be seen playing Honkai Impact 3rd in an arcade-themed trailer.

In addition to Silver Wolf’s portrayal as an avid gamer and hacker, HoYoverse has incorporated several other interesting details and references in her character and storyline during the trailer. Here are some more pieces of information about Silver Wolf’s newly-released trailer:

A Game within a Game

It is amazing how much HoYoverse values its character models. The inclusion of Silver Wolf playing Honkai Impact 3rd in her trailer demonstrates a meta-narrative where the character is engaging with the very game she originates from. Another notable reference in the video is that Silver Wolf was playing as Haxxor Bunny Bronya during her gaming session.

This choice of character reflects the similarity between Haxxor Bunny Bronya’s design in the game Honkai Star Rail and Silver Wolf’s own appearance. This playful nod not only reflects Silver Wolf’s historical character model but resembles her other self in another world.

Ignoring Kafka’s message

Honkai Star Rail Kafka message
Image via HoYoverse

Kafka is another favorite character in the Honkai Star Rail universe. They are known as Stellaron Hunters, who plays an important role in the story of the game. By showcasing Silver Wolf ignoring Kafka’s messages while immersed in playing the game, the trailer emphasizes her personality trait of being focused and dedicated to her gaming pursuits. The two shares a close bond as can be seen from the beginning of the game during the tutorial.

Honkai Impact 3rd: Haxxor Bunny

The choice of Silver Wolf playing as Haxxor Bunny Bronya in the video has sparked speculation among fans about a potential connection between the two characters. Many fans have drawn parallels between their visual designs and professional backgrounds, leading to theories that they might be the same person or have some significant connection.

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf trailer, Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf
Image via HoYoverse

However, it’s important to clarify that, as of now, there hasn’t been an official announcement or confirmation from the developers regarding the relationship between Silver Wolf and Haxxor Bunny Bronya. The similarities in their appearance and roles could be a deliberate nod or homage, but the exact nature of their connection remains open to interpretation.

Final Thoughts

As can be seen from the trailer, Silver Wolf displays herself as a technological type of fighter. Some of her abilities were showcased during the trailer, and some of her skills in animation as well as ultimate can be seen from the video. As a follower of the Nihility Path, Silver Wolf possesses unique abilities that allow her to apply various debuffs on her enemies.

One of her skills enables players to transfer Weakness, a debuff associated with a random ally’s element, onto a target, further reducing their defense. Additionally, her ultimate skill, Entangled, can delay opponents’ actions, making it a crucial effect in turn-based combat. Players should consider pulling for her as she is going to be a valuable character for any players.

Furthermore, her inclusion in the roster enables the creation of mono-elemental team compositions, which can be particularly helpful for free-to-play players with limited access to characters. The small easter egg and appearance of familiar characters bring joy to players even in such small detail, players are looking forward to more cameo and easter eggs in the future.

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