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Honkai: Star Rail Voice of the Galaxy: Developer Radio for Version 1.2 reveals Eye Comfort Mode, Settings Changes, and more

Quality of life changes for version 1.2!

In the latest Honkai: Star Rail Developer Radio for July 2023, the game’s creators have been actively listening to player feedback since the release of Version 1.1. As the game approaches its end, players have shared their impressions and suggested various changes and additions they would like to see. The Honkai: Star Rail team has been receptive to these requests and is now revealing some of the most commonly requested optimizations and features for the upcoming Version 1.2.

Eye Comfort Mode

In the upcoming Version 1.2, the developers have added a highly anticipated feature called Eye Comfort Mode. This new addition aims to enhance the players’ gaming experience by reducing the intensity of light and graphics, allowing for a more comfortable and visually soothing gameplay session.

Honkai Star Rail Eye Comfort Mode
Image via HoYoverse

Eye Comfort Mode has been specifically designed to address player concerns regarding eye strain and fatigue during extended gaming sessions. With this mode enabled, players can enjoy a gentler and less harsh visual experience, which can be particularly beneficial during nighttime or in low-light environments. The reduced brightness and optimized graphics not only provide a more relaxing atmosphere but also contribute to a healthier gaming experience overall.

Planar Fissure Event Optimization

In the upcoming Version 1.2 of Honkai: Star Rail, the developers have made significant optimizations to the Planar Fissure Event. One notable improvement revolves around the double drop chances that were previously refreshed on a daily basis. With the new optimization, players will no longer have to wait each day to benefit from double rewards.

Honkai Star Rail Planar Fissure event
Image via HoYoverse

In Version 1.2, the Planar Fissure Event will offer a total of 12 double-drop chances throughout the entire event period. This means that players will have ample opportunities to earn double rewards without being restricted by daily resets. The change aims to provide a more streamlined and efficient gameplay experience, allowing players to make the most of their time within the event.

Message and Chat Box Cosmetics

In the highly anticipated 1.2 update of Honkai: Star Rail, players will have the exciting opportunity to customize their message and chat boxes. With this new feature, players can choose from a variety of designs to personalize their in-game communication experience. Once customization is selected, the appearance of speech bubbles in both chats and messages will be transformed to match the chosen design.

Honkai Star Rail Message and Chat box
Image via HoYoverse

Furthermore, Version 1.2 brings another treat for players. Upon successfully completing the Underground Treasure Hunt event, players will have the chance to obtain the exclusive “Where’s the rabbit?” chat box and message. This limited-edition chat cosmetic set adds a fun and whimsical element to interactions, allowing players to express their messages with beautiful designs.

New “Joint Forces” stage

In this new Joint Forces Stage, trailblazers will have the opportunity to try out all the standard characters available in the game, even if they don’t own them. This feature allows players to try out different characters and experience their unique abilities and playstyles firsthand.

Honkai Star Rail Joint forces stage
Image via HoYoverse

As an added bonus, for each completed character in the Joint Forces stage, players will be rewarded with 20 Stellar Jades. This currency is one of the most important in the game as it enables players to purchase Star Rail Passes and obtain Gacha characters and materials.

Battle Information Display optimization

One notable improvement is the improved visibility of clear conditions and additional combat objectives within stages. Previously, players had to navigate to the settings or pause the game momentarily to check the specific requirements for clearing a stage or any additional objectives they needed to accomplish.

Honkai Star Rail Battle information display
Image via HoYoverse

However, with the new update, these important details will be displayed directly during battle, eliminating the need for players to disrupt their gameplay flow. By making clear conditions and additional combat objectives readily visible during battles, players can easily keep track of their progress and strategize accordingly.

Warring Expedition UI Optimization

The upcoming update for Honkai: Star Rail brings significant improvements to the user interface (UI) in Excursion mode. When players press the ESC key or the exit button in the top left corner during Excursion mode, they will be greeted with a redesigned interface that provides clear and concise information about the combat objectives. The objective display will be prominently visible, allowing players to quickly reference their goals without disrupting the ongoing battle.

Honkai Star Rail UI changes
Image via HoYoverse

Players will have the convenience of adjusting certain settings directly from the details page, eliminating the need to prematurely end a battle to make changes. This improvement offers greater flexibility and allows players to fine-tune their settings on the fly, optimizing their gameplay experience.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the upcoming update for Honkai: Star Rail introduces a range of enhancements that aim to improve the overall gameplay experience. These include features such as Eye Comfort Mode for reduced strain, customizable message, and chat boxes, better visibility of clear conditions and combat objectives, and an improved interface in Excursion mode.

These changes reflect the developers’ commitment to addressing player feedback and ensuring a more enjoyable and user-friendly gaming experience by providing information in this Honkai: Star Rail Developer Radio for version 1.2. Players can look forward to a more personalized, immersive, and convenient adventure in the world of Honkai: Star Rail.

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