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HoYoverse launches Genshin Impact tool ‘Lineup Simulator’

Share and showcase your best team compositions on the Lineup Simulator!

HoYoverse has finally launched a team composition tool in Genshin Impact, the ‘Lineup Simulator’. This tool can be used by the players to share their team compositions along with full details in Genshin Impact. For now, this tool is only accessible through the HoYoLAB app exclusively for mobile devices. But it shouldn’t take a long time before it is available on the PC equivalent browser. Players can access this tool through this link.

To be eligible for successfully submitting lineups, players will need to be at least AR 55. Or they will need to be a certified HoYoLAB Guide Creator.

How does the Lineup Simulator work in Genshin Impact

Eligible players can submit their lineups through this tool and also write more details at the end of their posts. The tool has two subdivisions, where the first is World Exploration and the second is the Spiral Abyss.

The World Exploration section contains, the team compositions for various popular teams. These are widely used in Overworld battles, boss fights, map exploration teams, and named teams that have a specific name chosen by the community.

Genshin Impact Lineup Simulator
Image via HoYoverse

The Spiral Abyss section as the name suggests contains the lineups used by other players to clear the most difficult content in the game. Both of these divisions have detailed filters that can be used by the players to easily focus on the information they are looking for.

Moreover, players can also select various characters from a menu. After which the tool will show the various team composition that can be possibly made from them.

Since all the data is being submitted by the players, there is a very low chance of misinformation, on top of that, submissions will also have a comment section where other players can ask questions and have a discussion.

How will the Lineup Simulator be helpful for the players

The core mechanics in Genshin’s battle system consists of team compositions, rotations, and the synergy between characters. For a new player who is unfamiliar with standard RPG game mechanics, the battle system may feel daunting and confusing. Even the casual end-game players don’t have sufficient knowledge about optimal rotation and lineups.

Genshin Impact Lineup Simulator
Image via HoYoverse

With the launch of an official tool to showcase lineups and rotations, players will have a much easier time understanding the game and even help others in need. Not only, this tool will act as a platform to improve game knowledge, but will also be a hub for information regarding team compositions. Instead of watching a content creator, players will be able to access this trove of information very easily through the HoYoLAB app.

What are your thoughts on the Lineup Simulator in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comment section below.

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