Hyper Front is preparing for global release, opens pre-registrations worldwide

The Valorant clone is finally going global!

Hyper Front, a 5v5 hero-based FPS game developed and published by NetEase Global is set for a global release. The game is very similar to the popular PC game Valorant which is also a 5v5 hero-based FPS game. The game gained so much popularity lately due to how similar it was to the game Valorant. There is also a Valorant mobile under works from Riot games.

But earlier this year Netease Global soft-launched this game in several southeast Asian countries. Now Netease is preparing for a global release and has started pre-registration in several other countries worldwide. Still, we don’t know when the game will be coming out globally. Here are the

Pre-register now to receive exciting in-game rewards upon global launch

Players can receive several rewards such as in-game currency, gun skins, rename cards, and heroes if they pre-register. Here are the rewards for pre-registering

hyper front pre-registration rewards
Image via NetEase Global
  • 500000 pre registrations (Completed)
    • Rename card
    • Flower of friendship x2
    • Star Coin x200
  • 1500000 pre registrations
    •  Titanium M92 gun skin Trail
    • Standard match card (1-Day)
    • Star Coin x300
  • 3000000 pre registrations
    • Titanium UMP gun skin Trail
    • Standard match card (3-Days)
    • Star Coin x300

Rewards for 5 million and 10 million pre-registration will be announced later. As of now over a million players have registered for the game. The game looks very promising from the closed beta and has hype around it. Till the game is released players have to play the waiting game.

Are you hyped about the global release of Hyper Front as it opens for pre-registrations? Let us know in the comments below!

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