Infinite Lagrange Earth Day event: Atmospheric environment cylinder, New themed Gold Record and more

The grand festival will commemorate and review the history of the planet

Infinite Lagrange, the Sci-fi grand space simulation game, has announced the new Earth Day event, which coincides with the annual April 22nd Earth Day. Every year in the world of Infinite Lagrange, the Terran Sphere will hold Earth Day, a huge event to promote Earth culture, commemorate, and evaluate the planet’s history. Since the completion of the Lagrange system and the establishment of Stargate, the festival has been assisting more space residents in gaining a better understanding of the rich diversity of Earth culture.

Earth Day event will be observed from 4:00 a.m. on April 20 to 16:00 a.m. on April 27 (UTC), with a number of events planned for the pioneers to participate in. In addition to the spectacular plasma fireworks show in City of Endless Dawn, pioneers will be able to participate in a number of Earth Day customs in the game to commemorate the galaxy’s traditional celebration.

Create your own Environment Cylinder in this new event

The Galactic Society for Ecological Studies and the Federation of Ecology Enthusiasts will hold a popular Create Your Own Environment Cylinder Event in honor of World Earth Day. Candidates can collect the materials they’ll need to make their own Environment Cylinder after gaining the necessary ecological knowledge and passing the required tests.

Infinite Lagrange Earth Day event
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They’ll have to develop the Environment Cylinder on a space station and keep the ambient temperature and sunlight levels within the Ecological Society’s guidelines. They’ll have to keep an eye on the conditions within the cylinder, gradually establish its internal environment, and look after it. During the activity, by clicking “Observe Record” once a day, explorers can receive the activity reward, and feel the mystery and charm of ecology from this activity.

Ring the Wrap Bells through the Milky way

Every Earth Day, the wrap bell will ring around the Milky Way across the Lagrange system, and people throughout the galaxy will receive joyful signals to celebrate the eternal home together, bridging endless time and space. On April 22, 2022, you’ll be able to hear the Warp Bells at three different time periods during the event. The first time you listen to the Wrap Bells every day, you’ll be rewarded.

Infinite Lagrange Earth Day event
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New themed Gold Record will also be available in the game

The release of gold records has become one of Earth Day’s most important cultural events. Every Earth year, the Terran Sphere Government will release a new gold record based on the topic of that year’s Earth Day. Earth culture enthusiasts adore these recordings. The new theme music “Spring” will be officially published for Pioneers to enjoy on Earth Day this year.

Infinite Lagrange Earth Day event
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Terran Sphere Chamber of Commerce will provide some special supplies

The Terran Sphere Chamber of Commerce has also prepared a number of special items for the pioneers to commemorate Earth Day. The ship joint technical files and aircraft joint technical files will be available for a limited time and in restricted quantities during the event. Interested pioneers are welcome to visit and make a purchase.

Infinite Lagrange Earth Day event
Image via NetEase

Looking back in time, we are now together on the same planet, with no limitations of time or space. Infinite Lagrange Earth Day is approaching, and pioneers are invited to attend, listening to the festival bells through the stargate and experiencing the Terran Sphere’s rich and colorful culture.

Are you excited about the Infinite Lagrange Earth Day event? Let us know in the comments below!

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