KartRider: Drift brings Mid-Season One update with new game mode, Kart upgrade system and more

Brand new game mode “Factory Run” debuts in the update!

Nexon is making adjustments to the racing experience in KartRider: Drift‘s mid-season one update based on feedback from its international player base. KartRider: Drift has been the most popular free-to-play title on Xbox since Season 1’s launch last month, which added Playstation and Xbox platforms to the cross-play mix.

KartRider: Drift Game Director Jaeyun Cho emphasized in a Developer Blog post that was published yesterday that the development team has been rigorous in examining gameplay feedback. They’ve been researching player habits, and modifying important in-game features with balance and justice in mind.

Mid-Season One update features new Kart upgrade costs, Kart balancing and new content in KartRider: Drift

Here’s a detailed list of the updates in the Mid-Season One Update of KartRider: Drift. The highlights consist of:

Kart Upgrade Costs

Racers can fine-tune their karts’ driving performance using the Kart Upgrade system to get the best performance possible. The Lucci (earnable in-game cash) needs to reset a kart’s gears that have been changed after the patch to 5,000 regardless of rank. Previously, resetting a kart at the Fine rank would have cost 7,000 Lucci, while resetting a kart at the Rare rank would have cost 14,000 Lucci. Racers will be able to experiment with various karts and tuning options thanks to these cost savings.

Kart Balancing

Image via Nexon

Players will be able to highlight the actual distinctiveness of each of their owned karts thanks to another feature incorporated in this mid-season update. To solve this, Director Cho revealed that the five karts have now been given qualities to assist in differentiating through License system objectives and Racing Pass. “This is intended to maintain the fairness of the existing karts, while creating a bit of variety in the performance of the karts you can earn,” explained Director Cho. Specific karts were called out in the Developer Blog post.

New Content

A brand-new game mode has been added to the patch as part of Nexon’s commitment to enhancing the playing experience. According to Director Cho’s blog post, “Factory Run” sets a group of four players against 36 AI racers on a track with a “Factory” theme (which is the setting for Season 1). Based on Item Mode, players in “Factory Run” race conventionally while gathering things to use against rivals.

If enough AI racers pass them, they will transform into an android kart. Their new objective is to disqualify former comrades from the race. It’s exciting and fast-paced, giving KartRider: Drift racers a fresh chance to put their drifting prowess to the test and control the pandemonium.

Kartrider Drift Game Karts Cover
Image via Nexon

In closing, Game Director Cho stated, “We’re always looking for new ways to keep racers entertained by gathering feedback from racers across the globe”. He added, “We’re eager to provide more themed material in Season 2, which debuts next month, in addition to the new modes included for this season.”

Players can find the mid-season patch notes for the game here, while KartRider: Drift Game Director Jaeyun Cho’s developer post article can be read here. For an exclusive set of three brand-new Twitch drops, watch KartRider: Drift’s Twitch channel and link your Nexon account. The Witchy Sophia decal, Airi Emoticon Pack, and the F724 Kart are all currently available to watch and earn in the game.

Are you excited about Season One “New World” of KartRider: Drift? Let us know in the comment section below!

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