KartRider Rush+ Season 17 Jurassic Island update brings new legendary karts, themed tracks, and more

Players can compete in dinosaur-themed races, take part in brand-new team relays, drive highlight karts, and more!

Starting today, players of the mobile racing game KartRider Rush+ can travel back in time with the Season 17 “Jurassic Island” update. The new season will take players to the island of the dinosaurs.

Here players can enjoy thrilling new content like themed racers like “Lodumanodon” and “Cilia,” a fiery kart called “Flaming Dragster” that shoots flames at rivals, and exhilarating new tracks like “Great Adventure on Jurassic Island (Jurassic)” and “Dinosaur Ruins (Desert).”

KartRider Rush+ brings new events and exciting rewards in Season 17 Jurassic Island

  • New Highlight Kart “Gallant Knight”: “Gallant Knight” has a svelte, regal appearance and lightning-quick speed. The two designs of “Gallant Knight,” which are only available at the “Knight Center,” are Golden or Steel.
  • New “Sim Mode” Content: Nexon introduced new “Sim Mode” features, such as the capacity for players to compete against others in team races with pals during “Team Relays.” In “Elite Challenge,” players engage in a brutal struggle with a strong boss character in the hopes of winning an item that will enable a special kart.
  • Legend Tier Rewards: The “Nickname Spray Choice Pack,” “Exclusive Title,” and other rewards are now available to players who have five times completed the Legend Tier.
  • “Free Super Batteries” Event: From Wednesday, January 11 through Sunday, January 22, players may complete missions like signing in and competing in ranked races to earn items like “Lucky Star Jewel,” “30 Batteries,” “Lucky Star Jewel Lottery Box,” and more. For each first-ranked race victory, players will also receive a “Stamp”. They can exchange it for a new character, a 2023 “Turbo Crystal,” and so forth.
  • “Museum Entry Ticket” Rewards: Players can earn a “Museum Entry Ticket”. They can also earn other goodies by signing in and competing in ranked races through Thursday, February 2. Players can swap “Museum Entry Tickets” for items like 500 “K-Coins,” “Jurassic Museum Entrance (perm),” and more.

That’s all for the KartRider Rush+ Season 17 update. Interested players can find additional details about Season 17 Louie’s Castle on the game’s official website here.

Are you excited about the KartRider Rush+ Season 17 Jurassic Island update? Let us know in the comments below!

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