KartRider Rush+ Season 20 World Kart Championship update brings a new character, tracks, and more

Players can zoom across treacherous tracks and earn epic rewards in Season 20!

In the brand-new Season 20 update, “World Kart Championship,” Nexon‘s fast-paced racing game KartRider Rush+ encourages players to enjoy epic thrills and strong adrenaline rushes. On thrilling tracks like “Shanghai Circuit (WKC)” and “Rally Circuit (WKC),” racers may speed around with the newest character “Citrus Chen” and shift into high gear in the newest legendary karts “Cerberus” and “Spirit Venger.”

Players may also celebrate the 20th season by gaining access to the legendary highlight kart “Dark and Light Dragon” and taking part in the action-packed “Boomhill Survival” to win a variety of prizes.

KartRider Rush+ World Kart Championship update brings new in-game content and rewards

Players joining the race will experience the following:

Various “World Kart Championship” Themed Additions

With the new karts “Cerberus” and “Spirit Venger,” as well as the perilous roads of “Shanghai Circuit (WKC)” and “Rally Circuit (WKC),” racers may gear up for victory while also accelerating with the newest competitor, “Citrus Chen.”

Powerful Highlight Kart 

Players can select between the “Light” or “Dark” Dragon design for the Season 20 highlight kart, which is brimming with legendary charisma. You can purchase the vicious kart in the “Dragon Centre.”

KartRider Rush+ World Kart Championship Update
Image via Nexon

Epic “Boomhill Survival” Mode

In “Boomhill Survival,” players can compete in two modes: “Speed Mode” where the goal is to cross the finish line first, and “Survival Mode” where the objective is to survive until the timer expires while dodging numerous attacks and obstacles. Racers can get a variety of in-game goodies depending on the tier points they earned after finishing a set of three mini-games.

Celebratory Rewards

To celebrate the 20th season, Nexon is rewarding users who sign in and play KartRider Rush+ for a specific period with prizes including “Lucky Star Jewel” and “K-Coin” until Sunday, July 9.

Additionally, between Saturday, July 8, and Saturday, August 5, racers who fulfill objectives like checking in, participating in ranked games, and accruing points from weekly activities will receive a “Nitro Puzzle” that they may exchange for items like “Spirit Venger (perm),” “Turbo Crystal,” and more.

Are you excited about the KartRider Rush+ Season 20 World Kart Championship update? Let us know in the comments below!

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