King’s Chess is an upcoming auto-chess title based on the Honor of Kings IP

A Honor of Kings chess game! It is coming!

TiMi Studios and Tencent Games‘ super hit title Honor of Kings, is going to get a new game added to its universe. The new game, named King’s Chess, will be an auto-chess title like Teamfight Tactics, based on the Honor of Kings IP.

The announcement is a part of the 7th anniversary live stream of the world’s most popular MOBA title, Honor of Kings. The program also announced a fighting game Codenamed Breaking Dawn, shared more details about Honor of Kings: World, and surprisingly showcased an animation project based on the Honor of Kings universe.

King’s Chess: Game overview

This brand new chess game called King’s Chess is apparently going to be a fresh take on a classic game of chess and will be in the 3D format.

The developers are aiming to make this game a perfect blend of strategy and entertainment to make for a more immersive experience for the players. They are also aiming to break the trope that chess is just a boring game with little scope for idle entertainment.

King's Chess, Honor of Kings
Image via TiMi Studios

The game will likely feature characters from the Honor of Kings game instead of the traditional chess pieces; namely, the rooks, bishops, knights, King, Queen, and pawns. This is however not an official statement but is simply an assumption due to the fact that the game is a part of the Honor of Kings IP and it is only normal to have elements from that game.

King’s Chess global release date

As of now, based on sources both inside and outside of China, there is no official announcement or any strong rumour as to when the game might come out. Although one could assume that it will come out sometime around the same time when the other new games in the IP will launch. Those new games are Honor of Kings World and Codename Breaking Dawn.

As far as the game goes, it is a pretty fresh idea that we are seeing right now. Taking an age-old game like chess and molding it into a modern digital game with twists to it is a rather engaging idea. Thus, depending on how well the game is made, it could well be on its way to being a hit one.

What are your thoughts on Honor of Kings auto-chess title, King’s Chess? Let us know in the comments below!

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