KONAMI to bring eFootball 2023 Spring Update in April with new features

What's special this Spring?

KONAMI’s most popular soccer title eFootball 2023 will be getting the version 2.5.0 Spring update this April. But what makes it special is that it is coming with a few new features that will help the players in getting benefits, as well as an improved rewarding system while releasing the players from their Dream Team.

eFootball 2023 Spring Update: What to expect

Following the feedback received by the eFootball community via Social Media and in-game surveys conducted by the team about the game experience, eFootball 2023 has been trying to implement the necessary module to the game, and their plans via the 2023 Roadmap announcement was also made it clear the path they would follow.

With the Spring Update, certain features are planned which will be live once the version 2.5.0 update is applied to all the platforms.

Additional Player Slots up to 900

Player Slots
Image via KONAMI

The option to purchase additional player slots is scheduled for the Spring 2023 update of eFootball. It was mentioned in the Roadmap itself, but the maximum number wasn’t specified. The unlocking of additional slots can be done with GP, and we’ll have to wait and see when the update goes live to find out how this is carried out.

Adding Player Skills to existing players

This is a huge addition. Players now will be more skillful, and guess what? It isn’t just one skill that a player can get! All players in your team will gain 5 Additional Skills slots, which is massive for adding many skills to the game. However, each player will be limited to a total of 15 Player Skills. Users can use the newly introduced “Skill Training Programs” to add new Player Skills at random to these Additional Skills slots.

Introducing Legacy Transfers

Another great addition will be the new Legacy Transfer feature that allows users to transfer Experience Points and Additional Skills from one player to another. All you have to do is select a player from whom you want to transfer all Experience Points and Additional Skills, then select Legacy Transfer and select a player who meets the required conditions to inherit those Experience Points and Additional Skills.

Player Progression
Image via KONAMI

This looks similar to that of the FIFA Mobile ones, where there is a Transfer Token system to take of these. Nevertheless, it is an important feature, and it’ll help in moving stats to a better version of the same player.

Contract Renewals made easy

KONAMI has confirmed that starting with the version 2.5.0 update when releasing 5-star players of the Epic, Legendary, Trending, Highlight, and Featured Player Types, users will receive Contract Renewal (10 Days) in addition to GP and training items. Even though this isn’t a huge ticket, it’ll help in easing off duplicates and get a good bonus.

Final Thoughts

It is always preferable to inform fans about updates ahead of time, and the eFootball 2023 roadmap and Spring update details becoming available earlier allow players to prepare for the update. On the announcement front, it appears that they are gradually improving in terms of providing a pleasant experience, and we believe this is just the beginning.

What are your thoughts on the eFootball 2023 Spring update details? What else do you think should be included? Let us know in the comments below!

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