Kwalee announces VS Game Jam with a huge Install bonus of $500,000

Submissions for games close on November 13th, and entrants can also win premium computer hardware worth over $4,000!

Kwalee, a UK-based game publisher, has announced the VS Game Jam, which will take place between October 24 and November 13. In addition to bringing the game development community together, the event guarantees that the top entrant with a Kwalee publishing deal will receive $500,000 if they meet certain metrics.

Kwalee publishing deal winner to receive at least $500,000 if their game passes 10M installs in the US

The winner of the Kwalee publishing deal will receive at least $500,000 if their game receives more than 10 million installs in the United States. Runners-up will also receive a collection of Apple systems worth $2,000 to $4,000.

The goal of Game Jam was to help game developers gain experience making hypercasual games through a lucrative initiative. It can be difficult to know where to go next with a potential mobile hit.

We wanted this Jam to be a fantastic opportunity for anyone in need of the assistance of a major game publisher. What else is there to do but try when there’s a huge potential reward on the table if a game performs well?

William Cox, Kwalee’s Head of Mobile Publishing

The VS Game Jam encourages everyone to push back and put their game development skills to the test. The event focuses on Versus games (VS for short), the games in which the main challenge is to achieve a goal before a competitor. Kwalee is looking for games that fit the concept of Player vs. Player or Player vs. CPU the best. It’s a mobile take on the classic video game formula that’s been around for decades.

Only games with a high rating will be considered for market testing and the Kwalee publishing deal

It should be noted that during the VS Game Jam, each game submitted to the Kwalee Publishing Portal will be evaluated by experienced Kwalee publishing managers. Games with high ratings will be considered for market testing and a lucrative publishing deal.

Kwalee began its career as a hypercasual games studio before becoming a growing games publisher. The company was named the world’s Best Publisher at the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2022, with over 900 million installs and 45 #1 chart-topping successes.

Kwalee new Head of Publishing
Image via Kwalee

This online-only event is free for all attendees. It is especially beneficial for established game developers, studios, and new developers looking to break into hypercasual game development. To participate in the Game Jam, register for the event today. And submit a VS-themed game through the Kwalee Publishing Portal by November 13.

What are your thoughts as Kwalee announces VS Game Jam with the biggest ever $500,000 Install bonus!? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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