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Leaks suggest Apex Legends Mobile Olympus map might arrive soon

Gear up for the new map!

Recent leaks and sources suggest that we might be receiving another map in the Apex Legends Mobile world, and it is reportedly said to be Olympus. It is the third map after World’s Edge and Kings Canyon, and players cannot wait to get their feet on its grounds.

Olympus map could be the 3rd map in Apex Legends Mobile

For the unversed, Olympus is a map released in Season 7 of the PC version of Apex Legends. It is a floating city high above the planet Psamathe, the Home World of Octane and Lifeline. The new location boasts lush, artificial terrain with stylised landscapes. When the two current maps, such as World’s Edge and Kings Canyon, consisting of tall, cliffside rocks, players can view a perilous open space that showcases the clouds below.

Players witnessed the release of Kings Canyon in the soft launch of Apex Legends Mobile a few days back. It is available to play in the Ranked mode, and the normal Battle Royale matches. After the reported release of Olympus, players would be able to select one of the three maps to play from, or it might be rotated regularly, just like how it works in the TDM mode in Multiplayer.

Apex legends mobile Olympus map
Image via Electronic Arts

For a fact, maps in the Ranked mode are rotated in the PC version of Apex Legends. Hence players can expect the same coming to the Mobile version.

Olympus could seemingly provide a new experience compared to the two maps, mainly due to the significant dominance of the artificial environment and the open space, which is eye-catching. According to the leaks, the map is said to launch in the Global version of Apex Legends Mobile. Given that players are already hyped for the Global launch, which is supposedly rolling out next month, the release of one of the most exciting maps would add a cherry to the cake.

What are your thoughts about Olympus map leaks in Apex legends Mobile. Let us know in the comment section below!

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