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Apex Legends Mobile The complete Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode Guide and Tips

Tips to play the TDM mode in Apex Legends Mobile!

Apex Legends Mobile comes with a number of different modes to play with your friends. Apart from the famous battle royale mode which is present in the game, it also consists of a number of other modes that attract the attention of many gamers. One of them is the 6v6 Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode, which is turning into a must-have mode in every shooter game. In this guide, we shall dive deep into the 6v6 TDM mode in particular and provide some tips and tricks to help get to know the mode better, and to play wisely in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile 6v6 TDM Mode: Overview

The concept of the TDM Mode in Apex Legends Mobile is similar to any other TDM Mode, which is Kill to win. Camping doesn’t work here, so that is out of the equation. The 6v6 TDM Mode consists of three unique maps Market, Artillery, and Party Crasher. All these maps are rotated every ten minutes to ensure that players get to experience every map and get used to all of them equally.

Apex Legends Mobile TDM mode
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The TDM Mode allows players to choose any weapon of their choice, from the menu that pops up right before the start of the game. It consists of 6 players per team, 12 in total. It has a score limit of 30, where the first team to reach 30 kills wins the game. To win in this mode, one must not only rush for the kills but also focus on their teammates’ back. In this way, it will make it difficult for the enemies to get kills.

Apex Legends Mobile 6v6 TDM Mode: Tips and Tricks

1. Select the best weapon

Apex Legends Mobile TDM mode
Image via EA

This is a basic rule that must be followed at all times. When it comes to TDM where the maps are mostly compact, players need to select the weapon that best suits the sort of gunfights they will be taking. SMGs and ARs are best suited for this mode, but if one wishes to rock with a sniper, he can surely go for it, provided his teammates have him covered. The true color of snipers can be clearly visible in maps such as Artillery, which is the only map of the three that is not compact.

2. Do not remain steady

It is easier for enemies to kill a player when he’s still. To avoid this, always be in motion, so that it only gets harder for the enemies to shoot down. This helps players to locate their enemy’s location, and take them down instead.

3. Provide Intel to the team

Apex Legends Mobile Bloodhound Guide
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Providing the enemies’ location to the team largely benefits the result of a game. For a greater advantage, Bloodhound is highly recommended to do this, as he can guide the team through by giving the required location, and get quick kills to boost up the scoreboard.

4. Team coordination

Team coordination is the key. Players must make sure that the players are together, and don’t rush alone as that would give the enemy team a golden opportunity to pick up a point easily. Staying together helps players cover each other and build a solid defense.

5. Switch weapons mid-game

If one feels really uncomfortable using a specific weapon type, he can always switch to another weapon once he dies, or gets killed by an enemy. Players can re-spawn in the TDM Mode, hence, players do not have to worry about it being a one-time show. On respawning, players can click on the “Switch Weapon” option displayed just below the middle of the screen, and select any weapon of their choice. This lets players play in their own comfort.

6. Select the most suitable Legend

Every player in a team will get to select a unique Legend, and cannot have the same as another player. The Abilities of Legends play an important role in the TDM Mode, especially in a map like Artillery. Since the map is slightly larger compared to the other two, players can make full use of their abilities and pick a few eliminations. There can be multiple choices of Legends to choose from, once players have decided how beneficial their abilities can be, for the team.

legends list
Image via EA

If one prefers to be in motion the whole time, he can go for a Legend such as Octane. If one wants to trap their enemies, Caustic is the one to go. Or if one actually wishes to go fully aggressive, Legends such as Bloodhound or Wraith will do the job better than anyone. Thus, they must keep in mind that the selection of Legend is extremely important, though, it can be changed mid-game while respawning.

7. Choose a favorable scope

Players can add any scope to their chosen weapon, at the start, and even during the game while respawning. From the default scope to the 8x scope, players have a variety of scopes to choose from. The selection of a scope totally depends upon the comfort of the players, as some may prefer going with the default scope while the rest may like to have a 2x scope.

Final Thoughts

The 6v6 TDM Mode is a great way to improve one’s aim and movement. The more a player plays the TDM Mode, the better his accuracy gets. Players must definitely try the TDM Mode, as it is beneficial in various ways that can help them while playing the rest of the modes as well, battle royale included. Selection of weapons, Legends harnesses teamwork, individual skills, etc. These are some of the most important aspects of the game and the TDM Mode improves the players in those aspects by a large margin.

That’s all for today’s TDM mode guide in Apex Legends Mobile. Let us know in the comment section below!

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