Legends of Runeterra (LoR) has soft launched in Singapore

Legends of Runeterra is releasing on mobile very shortly, with certain areas already getting access. Since the announcement of the open beta, the game was available for pre-registration. But now Legends of Runeterra has soft launched (on Android and IOS) in North America and certain parts of Asia. Legends of Runeterra is the League of Legends inspired card game that is being released by Riot Games.

News of the launch started circulating when redditor ‘Nicholades’ posted a screenshot of the Singaporean Google Play Store showing LoR as downloadable.

Players were able to play it but it was “only out for Singapore”. They also noted it was hosted under Riot’s servers and were unable to use Garena accounts to log-in, so the game is definitely launching globally.

A few players from North America also logged in but we are not sure if it was via the play store. You can access the game on android using alternate storefronts. While there isn’t any official word from Riot, it shouldn’t be too long since more players are reporting that they can access the game.

Deep Gameplay

The game goes in a series of different rounds where you’ll either be attacking or defending. Both players can use cards of course, but only one of them will be able to attack.

This leads to each player responding with cards until one player can’t or won’t. Then the chain you’ve created will play out. A feature called the Oracle’s Eye will show you the outcome of a chain and provides a visual update.

Since the game is based in the League of Legends universe you can expect champions from the game as cards. These are some of the more powerful cards available in the game. They’re not all included though, there are around 148 champions in League of Legends.

Wild Rift, the League of Legends port for mobile, is currently available for pre-registration on both the Apple and Android app stores as well, although there’s no specific release date yet. But we may hope to see it soon as Legends of Runeterra has soft launched and the TFT Mobile beta is already live.

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