TeamFight Tactics Mobile Closed Beta starts today

Teamfight Tactics Mobile closed beta is rolling out today for a limited group of people. On a recent note, Riot Games have mentioned about rolling out TFT Mobile to a few selected regions. While the game is aiming to launch in March 2020, some lucky people will be able to test it out from today.

Riot Games have mentioned,

Teamfight Tactics is coming for your phones in March, but for a few of you, it’s actually coming a bit sooner.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be testing the mobile version as a closed beta in a handful of countries around the world. If you see a friend, family member, or dog playing TFT on their phones, do not be alarmed: They’re probably in one of the test countries. The beta will expand a little bit over the coming weeks. However, as we mentioned at the start of the year, we’re still aiming to get the first big group of folks mobile access for the first time in March. The details on that launch will come later.

Which regions will get this closed beta access?

While the players are being curious about the Teamfight Tactics closed beta test region, the official Riot Games staff answered,

“We’re targeting players in countries served by OCE and EUNE. We’re starting very, very small so most players will not have access. We plan to expand in the coming weeks if things look stable.”

‘OCE’ stands for ‘Oceania’ and ‘EUNE’ stands for ‘EU Nordic and East’.

How the progress will work for Teamfight Tactics Mobile

The game will allow players to have cross-platform and shared progression, inventories and ranks. That means players will be free to choose their preferred platform to play and carry the game progress on any device they log in. What else can be better than having a great portability.

tft mobile gameplay

While it is quite tough to bring the exact PC experience on mobile devices, Riot Games have shifted the visual style in a few areas to make the game aesthetically more appealing to the players.

Minimum system requirements for Teamfight Tactics Mobile

  • Android: Devices with OS5+ and 2GM RAM and above
  • iOS: iPhone 6S or later

How to download TFT Mobile?

If you are from the above-mentioned regions then please visit the app store and see if you are getting the option to install the game. As this is a closed beta, you have to be very lucky to get access. But do not worry if you did not get the option to install, TFT Mobile will launch on mid-March this year.

So are you excited for the Teamfight Tactics Mobile closed beta release? What are your expectations? Do let us know in the comments below! Also, if you want to get quick news and updates, make sure to follow GamingonPhone on Twitter.

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